I didn't realize that it's already February until I saw quite a lot of bitter Valentine's posts on my newsfeed. LOL. Anyway, February na pala. In a few days Valentine's na naman. Sa mga nagbabalak magbigay sa akin ng gifts, wag nyo na po ako bigyan ng love dahil lunod na lunod na po ako. Hindi nyo din po kailangan na ipagdasal ako dahil kaya ko namang gawin yan para sa sarili ko. Your presence and thoughts do not really count dahil hindi po ako mabubusog nyan. If you really want something that counts, I might as well suggest these:

1. Bigas. Yung maganda ang quality.
2. Pambayad ng bills. Please.
4. Vacation. Yes, please.
3. Bagong boss. Oh puhleeeeeeease.

Yan lang. Yan lang talaga.


Anyway, Jan and I went driving on our own yesterday and it was so much fun! We drove around the city, then to the mountain side, and capped off the night with a killer view of the cemetery from Jack's Ridge.

It was our first time to be in Jack's Ridge together and I just realized that there are still so many places within the city that we haven't explored yet. And with our new baby, we can be anywhere we want to be. Breakfast above the clouds at Buda? Lunch by the sea at Sta. Cruz? Dinner above the city at Hilltop? Why not?

I believe we are now ready for an out-of-town road trip. I can't wait to kill your browser with a lot of photos of our next travel destination.  But until then, I will be taken hostage by this money-making humanoid who is dangerously close to finding this blog. I'm crossing all my fingers he/she/it doesn't because. Ugh. Bills.


  1. Hahaha nalingaw na pud kog basa2x sa imong blog

    1. Mas malingaw ko kung maghatag pud kag gift. Hahaha