Monday, March 19, 2018

What's Inside My Bag

I've seen quite a number of posts from different bloggers where they show contents of their bag. I got intrigued with my own and decided to spill goo too. And also, this was suggested by a dear reader. :)

Let's start with the bag.

The bags I use are hand-me-downs from my younger sister (yes, you read that right), gifts from friends and different brands/sponsors, and old bags I had since college. I think in the past 10 years, I only bought two bags for myself: my Karrimor Multi-day hike 35L pack and Converse sling bag. The bags I use come in neutral colors so it can match whatever my outfit is (I admit I'm not a snappy dresser). Also, I prefer sling bags over anything.

Anyway, I'm spilling yesterday's bag's contents because I just might find something interesting or horrifying here. Well, here goes. As they say, what's inside your bag defines who you are.

1. Wallet - I love the rose quartz color. I got this at SM's kiddie section for only Php 299! Do I really need an expensive wallet? Not really. This thing can hold the little cash I have and the IDs/cards I need. Same function, cheaper price.
And yes, I carry a guitar pick with me. I don't play the guitar.
2. Mobile phone - And iPhone SE, a gift from Jan. I'm too kuripot (or maybe broke is more accurate) for expensive phones. My first smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy Y, was a hand-me-down from my younger sister. My LG G2 Mini was bargained from Jan. Everything else that followed were gifted. Honestly, I can settle for any phone. If it can run FB messenger, then it's all good.

3. Coin purse - and it hit a record of holding coins amounting to more than two hundred freakin' pesos. Pretty sturdy little thing right there.

4. Ball pens - Pilot GTEC-C Maica is currently my favorite.

5. House keys - I turn into an akyat-bahay looking ninja if I happen to leave these.

6. Car keys - Took me quite a few key chain changes before I finally settled with this one. I like that it speaks a lot about the people who matter to me. J there represents Jan while the Panda (which is also my favorite animal) represents Red.

7. Mini notebook - I carry this albeit not always because I jot down notes or simply write down random thoughts or amazing blog ideas or witty lines before they vanish into thin air.

8. Ear phones - Believe it or not, I had this since 2014 and it is still serving me well. I got this MI headphones for Php 799. I found this too expensive for an earphone before (poorita problems, you know). But with its superb sound quality and long-lasting life span, I got more than what I paid for.

9. Receipts - You know the receipts have lived long enough in my bag because they've already faded.

10. Ketchup sachets - I have stashes of these little guys everywhere! Not just in my bag. I take the extras with me whenever I dine at any fastfood cafes. This could come in handy when I simply want to eat something even when I am not hungry. Haha
Ketchup sachets on my desk. And also, my cat's an asshole.
11. Tiny purse (or my not-so-kikay kit) where I put:

12. Lip balm / Lip tint - Human Nature is my go-to balm. But if I need extra moisturizing, the Lip Ice menthol balm with argan oil works wonders.

12. Lotion - I usually just refill this small lotion bottle I got from one of the hotels we stayed in. I don't have a particular brand of lotion as long as it delivers the right amount of moisturization when the need arises.

14. Pro Source calming oil - I find it amazing how it relaxes me whenever I get caught in stressful situations or even having a tension headache.

15. Ear Cleaner/Tweezers - Because I love cleaning Jan's ears and he loves getting his ear cleaned even when it is still clean. And the tweezers are for Jan's random rogue hairs. I don't know about you, but I find doing such things sooo satisfying.

16. Alcohol spray - because duh.

17. Powder - I use Bench Daily Spell magic powder to keep my face oil-free.

18. Mirror - because I do not like going into the girls bathroom just for a retouch or something. A small mirror can do the job.

There are things that I feel I should always be bringing but I tend to forget like phone charger, tissue/wet wipes, and perhaps sunglasses. I also bring my tiny flash/UV/laser light but it got run over by a passing car yesterday. I used to bring my 32gb USB/OTG, but I can't find it since I got home from our Bora trip. And depending on the size of the bag, I bring an extra shirt with me.

I guess, that's it. It's a mix of daily necessities, few things to get me through the day, and stuff I never expected to be there.

I don't think this is a lot but how my bag turns into a bottomless pit when all I want is to get a penny still baffles me. Anyway, I honestly enjoyed digging through my own things. Maybe you should do it to. Take a second look at your bags, you will never know something just might surprise you. :)


  1. I would not bother to comment on this post but +1 to the ear cleaning. Men love that. Best feeling in the world.

  2. Yung ketchup talaga ang nagdala! Hahaha

  3. I find What's Inside My Bag posts really interesting. The contents do say a lot about the person. I'm sure my stuff would definitely say that I'm a mom to a toddler coz half the stuff in my bag are for my son. haha!

  4. I also enjoy watching and reading What's Inside My Bag posts. I love your stuff. Cheap wallet but carries a gold credit card. I know one when I see one. Doesn't buy a high end mobile phone but drives her own car. You got more in there Miss Sarah. That's much better than having an LV bag pero wala namang laman ang wallet.

    1. Nah. The car is not even fully-paid yet. 5 years to pay pa yan + maintenance pa. I honestly have my own luho just not jewelry, gadget, or designer brands. I would love to splurge on outdoor gears, books, or sneakers. But if I give in to my luho, I would definitely end up broke. Haha.

    2. Better than having high-end designer brand but empty wallet.

  5. I love this post! Thank you for granting my wish. You don't carry a lot, most bloggers I know have planners, makeup kits, different cellphones and powerbanks with them. Hehehe

  6. Nice one for ketchup sachets Sar. (^,^)


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