Hurr Hurr. Eeeh. I Here. Daylight No See.

You know what's funny?

It's when you know you can write a 2-page, single-spaced in-depth analysis of the space-time continuum with your eyes closed but you have to turn to Google to help you compose a single line on how to accept an invitation.

This is not my first time to be invited to such events.

Other details were cropped out.
I spent around 30 minutes staring at the blinking cursor not knowing how to reply. Unless you're writing an incident report or a perfect "sick" leave excuse, then that's a ridiculous amount of time to spend to come up with a better way to say, Yes, I'm going.

I think it has something to do with social withdrawal. Being isolated cracks me up sometimes. I may have forgotten how to talk to humans that I had to ask Google how to do it properly to make sure I'm not replying with a caveman language.

You see, I haven’t seen the daylight lately. I've withdrawn myself from going out, karaoke nights, hohols, group outings, or any non-virtual social interaction that requires eating out or chipping in. I spent my days butt-glued on my seat, scrolling my way deeper and deeper into Facebook, reading every detail of my friends' personal lives - from their most ordinary to the most intimate to their deepest darkest secrets to the things you wish you could unsee. It's all in there, you know. It sounds pathetic, but at least, it gives me an eye-rolling entertainment to get me through the day without a single cent spent.

No milkteas until wallet has been replenished.
Soon you'll understand why I've been penny-pinching this whole time. I wish I could fast forward the days to my birthday. But for now, I'll keep myself butt-glued and just dream about finishing all the laundry that has been piling up since two weeks ago.

Sigh. Some dreams don't come true, do they?


  1. big time na kai ka sar

    1. Naaah. Unsaon pagkabigtime na purdoy man gani ta. Haha

  2. Hello miss sarah! I so love reading your blogs! It lightens up the day. Please keep doing it. :)

    1. Hello Miss Maia. Thanks for dropping by. Comments like this lightens up my day! :)