I am now trying to live a plastic free life. I know it won't be drastic because plastic has been practically in every part of our lives (some even disguise themselves as friends). It won't be easy to ditch plastic completely but we'll get there. Baby steps, they call it.

I'm into DIY and reycling, so that's a start. I also started refusing plastic bags from mini grocers if I can carry the products with my hand or inside my bag. I also use my own reusable eco bag for large groceries. I am having my caffeine fix in my own tumbler (and by caffeine, I mean milk teas with only 0-25% sugar). And now, I use reusable straws.

You see, people are complaining about garbage and flood BUT never even bothered to take a single step on proper disposal and the reduction of plastic consumption. Seriously, you don't have to be rich, influential, or famous to make a difference. One simple step would do. And that will start with you.

Not everyone is doing this, YET. You may even look silly for refusing plastic bags while you struggle to fit all the food in your tiny hands. You may waste time washing your straw before and after drinking soda from a fast food. But if you make it a habit, it's not really an inconvenience.

I want to take part in taking care of the environment. And I am not pretending this time. I am truly changing my ways and my lifestyle and I encourage everyone to do the same.