My Secret to Lighter and Smoother Underarms

I know I've made bad life choices when I was young that I regret until this very day. Plucking and shaving my armpit hair when my mom told me to leave it alone, for example.

The years of plucking and shaving left ugly, tiny bumps on my armpits that would not go away no matter what product I used. For someone who prefers to wear tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or anything presko like me, it feels better to forget about covering up the problem area and simply wear whatever I want. So despite all the products that failed me, I never gave up and found ways on achieving that smooth and beautiful underarm.
Secret to a lighter and smoother underarms
Raise those arms with confidence! (Also, the lights and camera settings make it appear I'm fair-skinned. I am not.)
Here’s how I do it:

1. Lay off the chemical 
I already stopped using roll-ons and antiperspirants that are made of harsh chemicals, especially those that contain alcohol. These could darken your armpits. I've been using Milcu Deodorant Powder for over a year now and it's doing a pretty good job protecting me from bad odor all day.
Milcu underarm and foot deodorant powder

2. Avoid tight-fitting clothes 
If you always wear tight clothing, chances are, you're causing friction in your armpits without even noticing it that could eventually lead to skin darkening.

3. Minimize plucking/shaving as much as possible
This is the culprit for my ugly underarms. I was a seasoned plucker/shaver and had that "chicken skin" I've always wanted to get rid off for years. Those tiny bumps are actually result of ingrown hair caused by shaving. And they make your armpits appear darker especially when there's already too many of them.

Since a permanent underarm hair removal is expensive and not an option for me (right now), the best way to get rid of bumps is to stop shaving too often and just let the hair grow out. I honestly do not have a lot of armpit hair. I can grow my hair an inch long and it still won't be that noticeable (which is why I should have listened to my mom when she told me to leave it alone). However, the strands are thick that there are occasions when getting rid of it is necessary.

I let a professional deal with my armpit hair. I have them sugar/cold waxed instead of plucking/shaving them myself. And I repeat, I only do it when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, I just let them grow out as long as they can.
Secret to a lighter and smoother underarms
Waxed my pits on March 2018 before our Boracay trip. Had it waxed again on June 2018, before our Singapore trip. I still wear sleeveless in between despite having those armpit hair. Haha
4. Choose your soap wisely
Not everybody knows this, but the underarm is more sensitive than any part of our skin. That’s why I am careful with the soaps I use for it.

Right now, I use My Skin Origins Pore No More Beauty Bar. I know, I know. I use this for my face and I love how my face looks brighter and fresher with every use. It did a good job refining the pores on my face and I thought it just might do same to my pits.

Since it is organic and made with natural ingredients, I gave it a go. I’ve been using it on my pits for 6 months, and so far, so good.
My Skin Origins Pore No More
Image from

5. Exfoliate gently

Sometimes, the dark discoloration on your armpits is due to the accumulation of dead skin cells - which may also trigger ingrown hair as hair follicles become blocked. Your armpits, although hidden, deserve regular exfoliation as much as your face does.

I use sugar and lemon to create a paste and apply it on my armpits then leave it on for ten minutes before shower. I only do this once a week since lemon is a strong ingredient. But if I'm in a hurry or if laziness takes over (which is always the case), I just use soap and an exfoliating bath glove.

Please note that hard scrubbing and over exfoliation can cause redness and irritation. Make sure you only do gentle, circular strokes when exfoliating.

6. Moisturize
Your underarms need moisturizing too. Not only it softens the skin, but it also helps in keeping your armpits from becoming dry, rough, and dark.

I moisturize my armpits every day with a sunflower oil. I do not use a particular brand. I just grab whatever's available in the market. I use one drop for both pits every after shower and let it absorb before patting on my deodorant powder.

7. Use an underarm toner
Back then, I've used a multi-purpose balm that somehow helped me with my chicken skin problem temporarily. But it started to become less (or not) effective with repeated use. It also felt heavy and made my pits sweatier than it already is, so I stopped using it.
This is how my pits looked before. And it actually improved a little after using the said balm.
I've been doing Steps 1-6 for quite a long time but it was only after using My Skin Origin's Radiant Smooth Solution when I saw a significant change in my armpits. I know the powder, soap, and oil contributed to making my pits softer and lighter. But it was with this solution when the tiny bumps started to disappear, making my armpits feel smoother.
My Skin Origins
Radiant Smooth Solution (pink arrow). If you're having underarm issues worse than chicken skin, you might want to try the Extreme White Underarm Set. :)
My armpits are not yet 100% chicken skin free. Tiny bumps reappear once the hairs start coming out again (so I guess, a permanent hair removal would be the absolute answer for this). BUT! With the help of the Radiant Smooth Solution, the bumps soften and disappear slowly, shortly after use.

Secret to a lighter and smoother underarms

I do not have the nicest armpits and it's far from perfect. But with the use of the right products and proper skin care, they're good enough for me not to hesitate on wearing sleeveless tops and raise my hand with confidence whenever I want.

Like I always say, all the products I review here on my blog are either sponsored or bought from my own money. Regardless of how I got them, whatever I say here is factual and only based on my experience. What works for me may not work for you, so please take my words with a grain of salt. This is an honest review and not a paid post.


  1. I so envy your kilikili!

    1. It’s not really that nice, but it’s better than before.

  2. Mas maliwanag pa ang kili-kili mo kaysa sa kinabukasan ko. �� gusto ko tong subokan. Thank you for this!

    1. Go! All the products I use are natural, kaya less risk for disaster. :)

  3. Will this help with dark underarms?

    1. Yes. Avoid shaving, wearing tight clothes, or anything that causes friction in your underarms. My Skin Origins has an extreme white underarm set. I’ve only tried the underarm toner (radiant smooth solutions), seeing that it’s effective, the whole set is worth giving a shot. :)

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