Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Life Lately Vol. 2

Life, lately, has not been exactly boring nor exciting. But all is well. I can't promise I'll be back writing up a storm again but I will post a few shit no one cares about to let you know I'm still alive.

Here's what I've been up to lately.

1. Sleep
I'm the type of person who sleeps at 2am, wakes up at 5am, and can still function normally like how a person who had a good night's rest does. But lately, I'm getting at least 6 hours of sleep and I love how it does wonders in making me look fresh in the morning.

Squinting made me look sleepy though.

2. Hydrate
I'm trying, I mean, forcing myself to drink enough water because I had to. I'm not the biggest fan of water because it tastes disgusting. I can go on a day without drinking a glass but one look at my dry skin and I know I should be getting more.

3. Instagram
If you're interested following my “life”, check out my Instagram because I've been a bit more active there. Which also meant I'm becoming more creative with my poses and photos (or at least I try to be) and Jan upping his present insta-boyfie skills. I'm all for creativity. And recently, I challenged myself to turn an ugly background into something insta-worthy. Plus, I have a few socmed promotions to post.

4. Travel
Last weekend, we flew to Manila for a short weekend getaway. That would be the last for this year. Jan and I scrapped a few travel plans to make way for bigger ones. We're ditching our Iloilo-Gigantes trip happening this month. We've been to Iloilo before so it's totally fine to scrap the whole thing. Besides, if all goes well, we're certainly up for a much better and bigger adventure.

5. Broke again
I may have to manage my finances better. I will make myself believe that I'm broke again, forget about Shopee, and be as frugal as I'll ever be.

(Okay, I'm actually broke)

6. Excited
All these things that I'm trying to do - you know, self-care and penny-pinching - focus toward one goal. Only family and a few close friends knew about this, and now I'm telling the whole internet (sans Facebook) what's really going on with my life: eight months from now, Jan and I will be changed forever.

So universe, bring it on!


  1. Preggers or getting married or both? Congratulations! You look so pretty and blooming. Follow you on insta. :)

    1. That remains a not-so secret. But thank you! :)


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