Monday, September 10, 2018

What a Weekend!

I got hives and the itch is really killing me. But I'd take the hives any day than spend 15 minutes in Facebook where my blood pressure can shoot up to an alarming level from all those political posts on my feed today.

But before the hypertension turns into brain cancer because I can't seem to get myself off Facebook, I'll share with you the weekend that has really been crazy.

I was invited to a La Germania roadshow last Saturday and in the middle of our activity, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook our city. The event had to be discontinued and we were all asked to evacuate the mall.

Since Jan and I parked our car at the basement, we had to wait outside until everything is cleared and safe.

Para walang badtrip, magpicture-picture!
We waited two hours before we were able to get our car. It was too humid and we're hungry. And just as I thought it couldn't get any worse, heavy rain started to pour accompanied by lightning and thunder, followed by flood causing heavy traffic anywhere in downtown. Not to mention, a minor fire incident happened inside the mall just a few minutes after we left.

It felt like the world coming to an end, as seen on tv.

But Sunday came and...

I won an FS631 30B gas range from La Germania!

That's worth around 30,000 Php! My biggest win so far!

Here's the thing about my winnings: I am never lucky when it comes to raffle draws nor do I shine in popularity contests (duh). But when an entry is judged based on what one can bring to the table, that's when I am most determined to win.

So here's my entry:

It took quite a few shots before we got satisfied with the photo. Lighting was bad, there were too many people around, my poses were awkward. It took quite a few edits before I posted my final caption. Too long, too short, too dramatic, too shallow. And it took me a lot of courage to post this because I was quite hesitant to officially announce our engagement on social media. But it's the only story I can tell why I badly wanted to win. And I think I did right because surprisingly, I won!

So, yes, folks! You read that right. Jan has been promoted from boyfriend to fiancé. And I still have no plans on letting Facebook know about this. I don't know about you but I'm a bit reluctant about sharing stuff that's too personal on Facebook. Quite the opposite here in my blog, you see. But only the brave are the ones who come here anyway, and that makes oversharing okay. Haha.

If there's one good thing about Facebook, it's where I've read Ang Probinsyano is on its final week. I hope it's not fake news.


  1. Congratulations on winning and wedding!

  2. Nafake news ka. Probinsyano will air its last episode on Feb 30, 2048.

    Congrats on winning and your engagement!


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