The Honeymoon Might Come a Little Late

By Sarah Aterrado - June 12, 2019

Right after the wedding, Jan and I started working our arses off (pitiful, I know). We were not able to plan a honeymoon because the Japan trip happened. And as much as we would have loved to make Batanes our honeymoon destination, we are holding that off. You see, I won a round trip domestic flight ticket. And knowing that a one-way ticket to Batanes could cost as much as a round trip flight to a few Southeast Asian countries, I am hoping I could use that free flight for it.

Anyway, it has been a month since the wedding and we haven't really planned on anything. That, however, does not mean that a honeymoon is not bound to happen. It might come a little late but at least, it’s going to be in a beautiful country.

Think Starfield Library. Petite France. Nami Island. And soju, perhaps? If all goes well, this would be our first trip as Mr. and Mrs. and we will be flying this November!

Petite France. Photo by Emy Lam
This Korea trip did cross our minds, but we never really thought it will happen soon (thank heavens for today's airfare sale). The season would definitely be so perfect for a romantic getaway. I can't wait to see the stunning and vivid colors of autumn, visit Korea's public library for books we can't read, ask for directions we can't understand, and eat local authentic foods we can’t pronounce.

But, before I get too excited, I ought to prepare myself for another emotional ride as I get sucked up in anxiety when applying for a visa and dread the terrifying days we wait for the result. Wish us good luck!

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  1. Kdrama addict here. I'll wait for this. Nabitin ako sa Japan blog mo. Is there any more?

    1. Actually, there's still a lot more. I just do not know where to start. Haha