Makakapunta Ako sa Europa Dahil Dito

By Sarah Aterrado - August 24, 2019

I am getting addicted to boots.

I find this funny, ridiculous, and stupid because I am living in a hot, humid, tropical country where boots are an abomination. And I got 3 pairs!

But before you raise an eyebrow on me for having 3 freakin' pairs that is more useless than a white crayon, let me tell you how it started.

I bought my first pair because I needed one for a Farm-themed party.

I got these ankle boots on sale for P899 (from P1,899). To save this from becoming a single-wear item like how most boots tend to be, I used this in my travels to Taiwan and Japan. It is not as comfy as any of my sneakers (duh), but it does not hurt my feet and that is important. It does well in long walks. The only thing that makes me want to take it off is the annoying tapping sound it makes everytime I walk.

Same shoes, different ways of styling.
My second pair is a brown lace-up boots. I got this online for only P500 (a Korean product, seller claims). I expect nothing much with that price. I really didn't care if it's sturdy or not. All I wanted was to look legit in a Safari-themed party. It certainly did not disappoint and I loved it.

So I brought this to Japan with me because I thought this would be great for a 10°C weather (with my black boots as a backup just in case it falls apart). I wore it on concrete, dirt, rain, and snow. I walked for at least 60,000 steps for a few days with it. It kept my feet warm and surprisingly, it held up. It is even comfier than my store-bought ankle boots.
In Kyoto.
While I am all for high-quality shoes (read: expensive), this made me realize that sometimes, cheap is okay as long as it does NOT compromise comfort and durability. Lucky I got one because such is a rarity in life. (But I'll get my feet on those cherry red Docs someday.)

My third pair was bought not because I needed it. There were no events nor themed parties to attend to. I just find it really cute.
I bought this online for only P450. It is not as comfy as the lace-up boots but changing the inner sole with a softer foam that comes with a good support (from my old, unused shoes) did the trick. Will this hold up? I don’t know. But from the looks of it, it might. I really love the style and I plan to use this on my next out-of-the-country, fall season trip.

I think my love for boots was born out of my desire to travel to non-tropical countries. In case you haven't noticed, my boots are getting higher and higher. You know what's probably next? Knee-high boots. Talagang di na keri ng weather dito. But heck! Dahil dyan, pagsisikapan naming makakapunta sa Europe! What a motivation. Haha. Well, I think it goes the same for women who buy clothes that are a tad smaller to motivate them to lose weight. How about you? What motivates you to travel?

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