Bakit Korea?! Bakit?!

Korea is going to be our next destination. And honestly, I was not that interested. Especially after having been told quite a lot of times that Korea might be underwhelming for someone who has already visited Japan.

Despite that, I have found myself binge-watching Korea travel vlogs of unknown vloggers. And it has surprisingly gotten me excited to fly there for three reasons: alpacas, raccoons, and meerkats. Okay, that is not nearly close to the things that come to mind when we speak of Korea. But whatever's on that list certainly made me excited to see the Land of the Morning Calm and that could only mean one thing.

Having something to be excited about guarantees a full blown anxiety on our visa application. And it does not end there. The Korean Embassy extended their processing time from 4-7 days to to 25-30 working days. That's 30 freakin days of enduring the agony of waiting.


You see, I counted the days before our travel dates (yes, we booked our plane tickets ahead of time). We have exactly 31 business days if we apply this Monday, which is impossible because that's tomorrow and we do not have any of the required documents yet given that we got the memo about the new policy on Friday morning, just two days ago.
Hindi aabot, pero susubok. Huhuhu
If we will be able to comply everything optimistically within the week, we have 27 business days, minus the agency's 2-3 processing days. That would leave us to 24 business days. That's at least one day short but we’re taking the risk. I pray that all goes well, we get approved, and we claim our visas on time.

I hope I did not jinx this trip by announcing it prematurely. Hello universe, you know how I badly wanted to eat legit kimchi, make this Korea trip happen pretty please?
Winter, spring, summer, and fall please.

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