Saturday, December 14, 2019

Sweet December

December kicked off sweetly and along with it came not just one but several good news!

1.) We finally got our passports with approved visas! We might fly to South Korea this winter so we can experience what's it like being bundled up in layers and still get frostbitten then agree on the idea that hell is literally a better place to live. Haha. I can't wait!

Approved Korea Visa

2.) Just when I thought I'd win the Laziest Arse Award for always hoping that my tasks get done magically on their own, I unexpectedly won this year's Best Special Interest Blog for the Davao Blog Awards 2019! Yes, I was truly surprised knowing that all the other nominees are as good and as passionate with their crafts.

I know I've been lazier than usual (those dwindling posts will tell you so). But I hope that even though I haven't been writing as frequently as I hoped I would, one or two of my stories somehow made you smile. Thank you for always believing in me.
Nautical Theme Costume
Love this beautiful trophy from House of Wooden Letters.
3.) I was able to dance in front of everybody again! Pang Christmas party na lang ang talent ko. But heck! It felt so good flossin' my dance moves until I make it as an extra to the next Honey movie.
Sailor Costume
Dancing sailor.
4.) Our home is almost complete! There are still so many things needed to be done though. Screen, grills, landscaping, and my mini library where I can home my ever-growing collection of unread books. Well, it could be worse. I could be collecting rubber duckies and those things don't stack nicely.
Our humble abode.
5.)  We have just received the bestest news and greatest Christmas gift ever! Can't disclose the details yet but let's just say I am now spared from doing most of the household chores (that itself is already the best news).

2019 has been truly memorable. And the last month of the year sure did not fail to make it even more awesome. I still have a lot of things to do before the year ends (work, holidays, a year-end vacation, and simply nothing). So I guess, this will serve as a year-end post.

Have a Merry Christmas and here's to a POSITIVE and FRUITFUL 2020 everyone!

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