Christmas in Siargao

It's weekend and I still have a lot of incomplete tasks needed to be done at work but I'm still having a hangover from the holidays and I can hardly function. So before I totally ditch blogging about our year-end trip (like what I did to the other trips), I'll throw in a few snaps of our Siargao getaway.

Our first Christmas as married couple was spent in Siargao with family. Five days and two nights in paradise is definitely not enough, especially when were not able to cover everything the island has to offer. We spent a day or two tuck in bed when Typhoon Ursula came raging in. Still, it is one of the best islands I've been to.

Naked Island.

Of course, photos!

Boarding our plane.
Lunch at Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant
Guyam Island with my sister, Abi.
Buffet lunch served at Daku Island.
Magpupungko Tidal Pool
Low tide, big waves.
The guesthouse we stayed in surprised us with this cute and yummy cake! Thank you so much, Ohana Guest  House!
Cloud 9.
Yummy curacha!
Our ride, driven by Jan. Might blog about this.
That's not all but that pretty much sums up everything.

We were not able to go to Sugba Lagoon since the coast guard had strictly prohibited voyage on all watercrafts due to typhoon. I was not able to surf because, well, Jan has become too overprotective of me (8-weeks prego here, btw). So it follows I was also not allowed to climb up an iconic coconut tree in Guyam (just for the gram), swing at the famous coco swing, or jump off from a huge rock at Magpupungko. Aside from eating and basking under the sun, this was the most I can do:

I had limited activities but I enjoyed nonetheless. Siargao is indeed beautiful. Missing a few tourist spots is definitely an invitation to go back.

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