Of COVID-19, Social Distancing, and Getting Hospitalized

By Sarah Aterrado - March 16, 2020

Now tell me what are the odds of getting stung by a honeybee inside our home while lounging on our bed? 

I've been stung by bees and wasps countless of times. The most it gave me was an annoying localized itchiness and swelling. This time is a different story.
Beautiful and helpful as they are, I'll never look at a bee the same way again.
I calmly took out the barb with tweezers and did the usual first aid. Then I went on contemplating if I should jump into the bandwagon and head to the new dark side of the internet that is TikTok. I think that is much better than wading through the filth of Facebook where new virologists with smart-ass comments that are more contagious and toxic than the corona virus dominate.

In less than an hour later, I started to itch uncomfortably all over my body. Raised spots rapidly appeared on my face, then redness followed. I've had hives that appear a day after eating too much crabs, but usually, these were just minimal and I can endure the itch for a few days. I took a dose of anti-histamine this time because the itch is nowhere near tolerable. It didn't do me any good. Jan rushed me to the emergency room when I started sweating and feeling flushed. I was going into an anaphylactic shock—it is life-threatening if not treated immediately.
Instant relief after the injection. Here, the hives are starting to subside. 
I've never been to an ER as a patient. This is my first time. And what's worse than the painful medicine injected to me is I am not in my most presentable clothes. My pambahays are mostly butas-butas and I prefer wearing panties with loose garter when at home (haha. Please still be my friend). So yeah, go figure.

Anyway, it turns out I am NOW allergic to a bee sting (or maybe I was all along). Hives are categorized as a severe allergic reaction. The next sting could be worst for me. So the next time I see a bee, I would assume that it's a flying death sentence. Avoid it at all cost. And also, wear nice clothes all the time.

I'm quitting my job soon, and before I give birth, I would run out of things to do. Staying indoors does not apparently guarantee my safety, but maybe being wrapped like a burrito and watching films I would not normally pick like the whole series of Probinsyano would help. Or mag-TikTok na lang siguro.

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