Second Tri Update

Hormones during first trimester pregnancy can be an absolute bitch. Not in my case though. And Jan must have been thankful for that or else he would have to endure a full-blown incomprehensible pregnant wife demands for the whole 9 months (the hormones are going to come back with vengeance next trimester for sure). Although when I asked for a ripe jackfruit out of the blue, he immediately went out looking for one and delivered as if his life depended on it. But that was it. I didn't have morning sickness, a sensitive nose, ridiculous 12-midnight cravings, nor did I find myself crying over silly things. But I was always exhausted and I seem to have misplaced my brain most of the time. Oo, laging sabaw.

Lately, I am feeling a lot better. My hormones have not been throwing those temper tantrums and I have been getting a lot of compliments. Pregnancy glow is real! But I think I also owe that to my new skin care. I switched to 100% organic the moment I learned I was pregnant. My 5-step skin care routine was trimmed down to two (wash and moisturize with occasional exfoliation) and my skin has never looked clearer and healthier.
23 vs 34. Both at 18 weeks. It is true when they say every pregnancy is different. But the joy and excitement remain the same.
Second trimester is such a breeze. Except, I am hungry all the time and it's getting harder to reach for my toes during bath. The best thing about having an obvious bump though is taking advantage of priority lanes—which I can never really do for now because the world is turning into something I thought can only be seen in movies (although it would've been more exciting if the shithole we are in has zombies instead of a virus).

On the other hand, this one-month community quarantine is going to delay the challenge of dressing up since there's no need to go out. My closet, however full, only has pathetic selection of comfortable pieces to choose from. I literally only have 5 decent dresses that fit. That's why I am also grateful for thoughtful friends who surprised me with cute dresses, baby clothes, and other baby essentials! Thanks Athina and Pau! It means a lot for us.
Thank you so much for these! ♥

Anyway, with our city's mandate in closing certain establishments and the strict implementation of social distancing, I'm afraid the excitement of knowing the baby's gender will be extended for a month or so. But that's okay. That gives me plenty of time to straighten out my priorities. Food, constant eye-rolling to Facebook posts, and Candy Crush currently make the top spot.

P.S. I might also be updating this blog with random nonsense now.

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