How My Weekends Go During Quarantine

Welcome to my new normal.

7:00 am. As much as I want to sleep in during weekend, my body refuses to wake up at the alarm that is set at 8. I automatically open Facebook and aimlessly scroll through the posts. As it inevitably explodes with posts from political analyst wannabes, I am starting to think that the outdoors I avoided like plague isn't all that bad. I suddenly miss driving though the traffic and mentally cursing idiots on the road, crowded malls, and long queues in public comfort rooms.

9:00 am. I have my breakfast. Mostly leftovers or something I don't really like eating for breakfast. Like a bowl of hot soup in the middle of a heatwave. But I force myself to eat. I can't be choosy at a time like this.

7:30 pm. And just like that, it's dinner time already.

It may seem like time is running fast but honestly, I am extremely bored with every minute that passes. I have been lazy my whole life. I have always believed that my lazy ass loves nothing more than lounging while watching my favorite series and getting up only when food is ready. But that was a lie. I already thought about a hundred non-work-related ways to be productive but when resources are limited and there's literally nothing else left to do, I find myself answering emoji quizzes, reacting to every cat video and funny meme I see on Facebook, listening to You Know I'll Go Get (that song makes me happy btw), and randomly giving Rhett a horrible haircut.
Yay! I'm 200 Pesos richer!
Yes, these have proven effective in distracting me from the horror the world is going through right now. I will be quitting my job soon. So that means everyday is going to be a weekend for me. Not to mention, being halfway through pregnancy limits the physical activities I can do at home. I really appreciate that these distractions keep on coming or else I might find myself separating the ingredients in a 3-in-1 coffee.

And oh, before I forget...

12:00 mn. Snacking on whatever I can find in the kitchen.

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