Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Don't Talk to Me Ever Again

Just when I thought I'm already done with video games, I find myself attacked by this:

Yes, I have fallen back into that sinkhole.

Well, we are fighting an enemy we can't see, we are all isolated, establishments are closed, and we cannot see our friends.

But we have Animal Crossing and that's all that matters.

I thought this game was made for kids. It is a pretty enjoyable game and probably too relaxing you'll forget you've been on for 6 hours. But it takes a loooot of patience to play and kids don't grind like that. No wonder everyone I know who's instantly zapped into a distant virtual island are grown-ups who, I assume, have no jobs or are into sorcery that allowed them to have 30 hours a day, or both. 😂😂😂

And yeah, I'm already on Day 4 and played around 32 hours—which could only mean I only got to spend at most 15 minutes on Facebook, and life has never been better. Definitely the best $59.99 I've the husband has ever spent!

Turned my work station into a play station. Happy Monday, indeed.

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