Back to Square One

By Sarah Aterrado - August 25, 2020

All this time I thought I am prepared for this. But I must have pushed that button resetting all the things I already learned about newborn care. 

I find myself Googling about things I was certain I knew before. Cord stump care, what a normal poop should look like, how much can a newborn consume, and so much more. Those seemingly ridiculous questions such as why babies pout their lips or why they make funny noises or how much milk tea can a breastfeeding momma consume also fill my search history. Thankfully, Google wouldn't mind the hundred and one weird questions I throw and doesn't judge my parenting skills based on what I search for.

The last three weeks have not been easy but it wasn't horrible either, except for the time when I was convinced that projectile pooping is real. Although honestly, getting pooped on doesn't scare me much, the amount of diaper we use and throw daily does. 😵

Anyway, I am currently doing the laundry. And while the washing machine is doing its wonders, I am able to buy myself some time to blog (the only me-time I can think of that's not physically exhausting). After this, I have to nurse a baby, tend to my eldest who's starting his online classes a few hours from now, and repeat. Hopefully, I can also take a quick shower somewhere in between. I am really exhausted and I don't feel well. But one look at my boys and I know everything is worth it. Well, it better be. Haha. 😁

The daddy can't get enough of him.

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