Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Just Another Year-End Post

I think I now know what hell is like. It's where you have all the delicious food you can eat right before you but can't because your stomach is on a rather violent protest. 

Food poisoning. That's what you get for committing one of the seven deadly sins. In my defense, I was just making sure that no food will go to waste. So I ate the leftover that has been in the fridge since God knows when even though I already had two full meals five minutes earlier. 

I would still enjoy the rest of the holidays for sure even though 2020 can still find ways screwing us up the last minute. As much as I would like to say "Fcuk you, 2020," there's also so much to be thankful for. Like our little siopao who has been our ray of light during these trying times, Animal Crossing, and food deliveries carrying the best and real takoyaki in town.

I would have written another lengthy year-ender today, but I ought to be careful with my words now. The last time I wrote one, the world and Duque went on a downward spiral real quick.

Damn. I wish I could've known.
So here's to me becoming a millionaire in 2021.😏 And of course, a healthy year too.


  1. hahaha nice quick post ate ^^ happy new year and cheers for 2021 <3 stay safe!

    beyond beneath

    1. Happy new year to you, too! Thanks for dropping by. Stay safe and sane this 2021! :)


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