I have been reading someone lately. And it's not because he is famous nor do I find his life interesting. I know this blog can be described exactly the same way, but nope, this is not about me. He was also a competitor from the last blogging contest I joined. And even though I wanted to win against a pool of professional writers, seasoned bloggers, and journalists, I rooted for him—whom I had never heard of before. He won, unsurprisingly. 

I would say I am a fan. I don’t remember the last time I engulfed myself into reading as much as I did his blog. He can write topics that can set off cricket noises without boring the reader at all. And the more I read, the more it becomes clear how my writing is a million light years away from his. 

Whenever I express (with a twinge of envy) how good he is with the craft, Jan is always quick to remind me, "He has a degree in English. He was taught and trained for that. You are a natural." Which is actually a less obnoxious way of saying I would need to graduate with the same degree, probably with Latin honors, a PhD, and vow to never eat bacon ever again to come close to his level. It's sad that I can never make the last one happen. It is worse than having a morally questionable deal with the devil for a never-ending creativity. 

Of course, the husband does not mean it that way. But the little mocking voice inside my head would say the same thing. It's the same voice that told me to turn down an opportunity to become a regular columnist for a local newspaper because my writing skills, or lack thereof, have fallen far behind me. And I don't think I do well writing with deadlines.

Also, I do not have a machine to work on. 

That being said, Jan got himself a new Mac mini yesterday. His Macbook Pro belongs to me now. And as much as I want an iMac Pro that I'll mostly use for googling secret societies of people who worship Comic Sans (I believe they're out there and I want to be in), I don't have a job and beggars can't be choosers. 
So even though this Macbook's keyboard doesn't feel as awesome as the mechanical keyboard he gave me way back, this should be enough to keep me motivated to win an argument on the internet write more because well...

I still have a Palanca to win. 😁



  1. Go sarj! Kaya kaayo nimo ang palanca..easy ra na sa imo.

  2. I believe kaya nimo ang Palanca! Sige ka'g kadaug tong college, sige gihapon ka'g kadaug karon. Sisiw ra na sa imo gyud.