Is Butter a Carb?

Two things.

One. I am addicted to rolled oats soaked in plain Greek yogurt and cinnamon.

I prepared one for the bunso but he doesn't seem to show interest in it. It was so good that I had to ask the husband to buy more for my own consumption. Whatever I eat, the baby eats anyway. 

Two. I am on a diet.

And by that I mean, I am eating three times more than the usual serving and added two more meals in between the five meals I have in a day. This breastfeeding journey is making me lose weight but I don't want to lose weight. You know how many friends envy me for being blessed by the seven gods because I can eat whatever I want and still not worry about putting a pair of pants one size up? What they do not know is that I envy them. My metabolism rivals the speed of light. It is a curse.

Earlier today, I asked Jan to take my photo for a Birch Tree promotion. But more than a hundred photos later, not one is good enough for posting. Okay, I lie. It ONLY took 30 shots. 

Thirty. Shots. That's a lot. Dati, 5 shots lang, okay na. May ma-ipost na. But now? All you can hear from me is, "Payata nako diri ui","Eeew payat", "Ugh, payatot kaayo ko tan-awon". 

8 months postpartum. 5'3" at 47kg. Meh 😑I want to be STRONG and fit, not magaan

I give up fitness. I am thinking of ways on how to hit the fridge without moving a muscle. I now count calories and make sure that I don't burn any.  

P.S. Cerelac Nutripuffs is so damn good. I should stop eating my son's food.

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