Monday, April 5, 2021

Levelling Up

I fell off the the world for a bit, but for one good reason.

Last February, we opened our online toy store and I became too preoccupied ever since. I have been doing feasibility studies, market research, financial mapping, and business plan—which is actually just daydreaming about making it big. And all these were things that seemed insane the past few weeks. 

Well, it still is. Especially now that our FIRST (emphasis on that one because we're not stopping there) physical store opens today, April 5th.

Visit this shop at The Brick Lane Square, Palma Gil & Guzman Sts., Obrero, Davao City. :)

If you frequent Business Class, Beereaucracy, Runway Sports Bar, or any pub around the area (I swear I am not insinuating that you drink a lot), you will know this place. It's just sad to know that the places I mentioned are either permanently closed or barely surviving. The two-hit combo, community quarantine + liquor ban, sucked the life out of what used to be a party place. But other businesses and restos are still around. Plus there is a huge parking lot that turned out to be a major deciding factor for me knowing how many businesses lose potential customers who can't find a parking space (happens to me ever single time). So I guess, you could say it's a good location.

I am excited and scared at the same time. Mostly scared. Opening a business during a pandemic is a recipe for bankruptcy. But I took the risk because I am surrounded with people who believe in me and also, I have done thorough assessment and extensive research, including going back and forth my competitors' pages so I would know how to rise above them. It's a lot of mental and physical effort and it has cost us sleepless nights. But it's worth it. 

Jan and I could not be grateful enough for family and friends who supported us right from the start in so many ways. From being the first customers to simply sharing our page to always recommending us to doing the deliveries for us when we become overwhelmed with other tasks. It all snowballed from there. 

Great things start from small beginnings.

Now here we are with a small space in a store right at the heart of the city, a thousand page followers, three active resellers, and two humbled and optimistic hearts.

So please excuse me for a bit, I am going to hyperventilate because I realized I just jumped off a slightly higher entrepreneurial cliff. 


  1. Wow this is a nice store! I'm amazed by your hardwork. It's not easy to build a business especially nowadays :)

    beyond beneath


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