Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Perks of Running an Online Business

The idea of raising a child in a limited screen time environment is something the husband and I planned to do. So, even if our baby was still at 4 months, I already started scouting for toys that spark curiosity and encourage imaginative play. I wanted something that's mainly wooden because they are not only eco-friendly and safer than the plastic ones, but they are also far more visually appealing. And it was then when I realized there were only two or three stores here in Davao that sell the toys that I wanted, and they can be a bit pricey too (or at least, to most moms).

I scoured the internet for weeks and got in touch with different suppliers from Manila and overseas because I wanted to create a shop on my own. I aim to reach out to other moms in the city who feel the same. It was exactly February 14, 2021 when I created a Facebook page, and a day after, I already started selling online.

Starting a business is risky, stressful, overwhelming, not to mention exhausting. More so during a pandemic. But running it online lessens everything but the profit. Less expenses, less stress, more sales.

Having an online store comes with many advantages such as:

1. Minimal Expenses
There is no need to pay for rent or hire a staff since you can work at home. A phone/laptop, and a high-speed and reliable internet like PLDT Home is all I need to get started.

2. More Customers
Yes, you can attract customers to come to your store. Usually, they are the ones who just happened to be there for another business, are just passing by, or are living nearby. The number of visitors will depend on how good your location is. The higher the foot traffic, the higher the cost. With an online shop, it doesn't matter where your customers are or what they do. All that matters is how you deal with them online. 

3. Flexible Time
Not all customers are available during the normal store hours. But online, you can accommodate them in the wee hours of the night, even during a holiday.

4. Lower Marketing Cost
One share or one online recommendation goes a long way. Social media is probably the easiest way to market your goods, and with no cost at that.

5. Convenient
All the things I have mentioned above boil down to one thing: convenience—both to buyers and sellers. And during this time when physical distancing is highly encouraged, ordering is just one chat away.

Three months since we started, I did not expect our online toy store to scale up immediately. Sideline lang sana ito eh. But we came to the point that we were not able to keep up with the demand anymore. We have also expanded our products and started selling children's books. Plus, we now have three active resellers and a space in a physical store right in the heart of the city.

Well, what can I say? Without compromising quality, we offer the cheapest wooden educational toys in the Davao market (I guarantee it).  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, without which, I would not be here answering all product inquiries and contemplating if I should go back to that nine-to-five job or not.

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