Sunday, May 30, 2021

Is Working From Home Really For You?

It has been over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic. While 50% of the workforce is probably back, others have already adapted to the work-from-home setup. Some, on the other hand, are still adjusting, and may find it isolating and challenging, especially to those who have young children like me.

I have been working from home since the day I got my first job more than ten years ago (although, I did have some office experiences in between). And honestly, it’s not as wonderful as it seems to be. No alarm clocks? From bed to desk in seconds? Who doesn’t want that? 

But while you are stuck in 2-hour traffic fantasizing about working in your pajamas, here are some things people don’t tell you about working remotely. For all I know, this is not for everybody. Some may find this very convenient, while some may just have to put in more effort than others.

1. A dying social life - Sure, distractions are everywhere in the office. But when you spend eight hours of your day inside with little to no human interaction, you will begin to feel lonely. Constant isolation itself can become our worst distraction.

2. You are on your own - Got a question? Google it. Got stuck on a task? Figure it out yourself. While it is easy to chat with others on a Zoom or Google Hangout meeting, it’s not the same as bouncing ideas with co-workers in the same room to come up with a creative and brilliant solution. Whether it’s an impromptu brainstorming session over lunch or a scheduled meeting, the engagement is hard to replicate at home.

3. Distractions - Trust me, it’s difficult to separate life at work and home. You have household chores, kids, and probably pets that always need urgent attention. 

4. Potential burnout - In an office, there is a clear distinction between work and non-work hours. At home, your schedule may become too flexible. You may find it difficult to switch off work and clock out, leading to more working hours, and eventually a burnout.

5. Not all jobs and skills are suited for remote work.

6. Poor internet speed - you should keep in mind that to be able to work efficiently, you must have a high-speed internet like PLDT Home. Slow internet could only mean low productivity.

The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely allowed most of us to experience working remotely. If you are considering making a shift, hopefully, this will give you a realistic view of working from home. But whether working from home is suitable for you or not, always strive to be a better worker.

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