One Day Millionaire at Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation

By Sarah Aterrado - July 20, 2021

For the first time in 486 years, we were finally able to do something fun outside our house.

We took a breather at Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort—probably the most expensive and most magastos one-night getaway we ever had. But it's definitely worth it (and bitin).

We went there last Mother's day (which was also just a few days after our second wedding anniversary). So for two days and one night, we were able experience the lifestyle of the rich. Plus, we get to do a lot of things for the first time!

Mom's day treat.

This post is going to be more informative rather than personal. This is to give you an idea how much a staycation at Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation would cost, how to get there, and what you can do.


We traveled from Davao City to Dusit Pindasan jetty in Mabini, Davao de Oro for a little over an hour. A private vehicle is recommended to get to the jetty, albeit Dusit also offers luxury van shuttles. There is a secured designated parking for guests bringing their own vehicles. 

From the port, we hopped on a high-speed boat and traveled for about five minutes to the island (round trip boat transfers are included when you book a room).


We took advantage of the flash sale and paid Php 19,862 (taxes and fees included) instead of Php 27,000 (excluding taxes and fees) for a One Bedroom Seafront Suite with Pool (with breakfast). There are other rooms at a cheaper price, but since we were avoiding crowds, we chose the one with a private pool. You can check the other accommodations available on their site. But at a time like this, I would strongly recommend the one with a private pool.

We woke up to this!

Photo from Dusit Thani's Facebook account. We weren't able to take photos from this angle, but it looks just the same.
Our baby is also born for the water. He loves swimming!

Here's a video of how our villa looks like inside:

The villa comes with:

  • - 1 King bed
  • - 1 Day bed
  • - Hospitality IP-TV (bed room and living room)
  • - Large airconditioned luxury bathroom with dual sink vanity and rain shower
  • - Privacy deck with outdoor rain shower and free-standing bathtub
  • - Large combined living and dining rooms
  • - Mini refrigerator
  • - Equipped with coffee machine
  • - Dedicated plunge pool
  • - Double-outdoor chaise lounge
  • - 24-hour room service
  • - Wi-Fi
  • - Air-conditioning
  • - Iron and ironing board
  • - In-room safe
  • - Bath amenities set up (hairdryer, bathrobes, bedroom slippers and toiletry set)


To give you a general idea, SanMig Light is Php 250. We paid around Php 3,000-4,500 for each meal, which is already good for 5-6 heads. Food is in between okay and superb. Mostly superb.

I don't remember the staff asking us if we brought food. So I guess, it's okay to bring your own food and beverage (liquor is not allowed) for snacks.


We made use of some sports and leisure activities such as billiards, foosball, table tennis, and kayak without extra charge. Jet ski is Php 5,000 per hour. 

Other amenities you can enjoy:

  • - Gym
  • - Spa (check their site for rates)
  • - Tennis Court
  • - Entertainment/recording center
  • - E-games center
  • - Large infinity pool
  • - Kiddie pool
  • - Children's playground

It's our first time to drive a jet ski. :)

You can also request for a shuttle that can take you anywhere in the island anytime.


I would give 6 out of 5 stars for this one. You do get what you pay for.  Every staff is friendly and accommodating. They always make sure that you are comfortable and well-attended. They see to it you enjoy every bit of your experience there.

Large infinity pool. (Photo from Dusit Thani's website)


To tell you the truth,  for someone who has been to Boracay, Panglao, or Siargao, the beach isn't impressive. The shore is rocky and the sea is a bit murky (bad timing for us, probably). It is still beautiful, nonetheless (because it looks sosyal). And believe me, when you choose to have your vacation here, the beach wouldn't be a concern. And even though there is still a lot to be developed, the island already has a lot to offer. 

It was low tide when we decided to hit the beach.

Photo from Dusit Thani site (because as usual, I did not take a lot of photos)

If money isn't an issue, I would definitely be back. But I guess, such luxurious staycations only come once in every few years. But I am already looking forward to the next one. And you know what? I already have one place in mind. Island Buenavista. That's Php 115,000 a night. Seems impossible. But a beach bum can dream. 😉

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  1. Hi! We're also planning to book ours with the Flash sale option but we're worried that there would be an additional charge for the jetty ride. It doesn't say it was included on their site, but do they provide the jetty ride for everyone booking an overnight stay?

    1. From what I remember, yes. If you book an overnight stay, jetty ride from Pinadasan port to the resort is free.

  2. So informative! Thank god for blogs like yours.

  3. thank you for your blog! Got 90% of my questions. Can I ask though, do you think there will be lots of guests during holidays? When you stayed, were there other guests too?

    1. The resort was fully booked when we were there but it wasn't crowded, or at least it didn't feel like it. The only time we felt they were serving too many people was when we ordered our meals. It took a bit longer but it was understandable.

      I would assume there will be a lot of guests during holidays. It was summer and exactly mother's day when we went there.

  4. Been to Panglao and Boracay - the reason why I can't if it's worth it to pay this much. How many days did you stay?