The Sunday State of Mind

By Sarah Aterrado - February 06, 2022

I thought I would have a long, uninterrupted sleep last night because for the first time in almost two years, I let our toddler sleep with my mom. 

But that much needed rest never happened. I was so uncomfortable with this belly that could pop anytime, the perpetual back pain, the need to pee every fifteen minutes, and the unbearable heat.

Us exactly. Image via Pinterest.

I was overheating and I couldn't even get to turn the fan on. I had to endure a night in hell because Jan, who is down with a fever, was somewhere in the Arctic that happened to be just a few inches away from where I sprawl (yeah, I could have gone to the the next room and slept peacefully there, but the husband needs tending).

It took me a  whole night of tossing and turning to finally get some sleep only to be roused by the non-stop beeping of Jan's phone two hours later.

I could no longer go back to sleep and it was only 5am. I had no choice but to face another stressful day. Ugh.

The past few weeks have been so challenging. I haven't fully recovered from being sick yet. I am losing my shit over our toddler's refusal to eat everything he used to eat. I am struggling to move and do simple tasks like standing up. To add to that, I am infuriated by how my hoarded cheeses mysteriously disappear. And I don't even like cheese.

With all that's going on, I could have had a meltdown and cried. But then, that only means wasting the little energy I have left and crying won't even take me anywhere.

So instead, I decided to make the husband the main recipient of today's drama without the ranting, whining, and possible armageddon.



Paid by him, of course!

So I jumped on Shopee and went nuts on the live selling of ukay-ukay dresses. And for the first time in a long time, I felt the joy of bargain shopping and the thrill of winning a mine war where the fastest to type and send the word "MINE" gets that much-coveted item. My spirits soared and I didn't even notice that I had been on it for at least 2 hours. Budol is real on this one.

I got a few more little black dresses for only Php 35-60! 

I know this is not a necessary expenditure especially in these tough times. Moreso when I am about to give birth. But I plead emotional crisis. And with all that I am going through, I could say I need this. It gives me a reason to feel optimistic in the next 7-12 business days.

Me right now. Waiting for the delivery man just after checking out my purchases online.

Also, I don't think I need to find a legitimate reason to justify all thirteen dresses I bought that I'm not even sure would fit me after I give birth, do I? I am sure the husband will understand. (Which also translates to: what choice does he has anyway?)

P.S. And oh, it doesn't stop there. The dresses will have to be paired with flat sandals in black, nude, and possibly white too. Yep, naka-add to cart na. 😎

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