Photo Diary: Tokyo One Piece Tower

By Sarah Aterrado - February 26, 2022

My Trafalgar Law hoodie arrived a few days ago. It reminded of the first time I had laid my eyes on this badass tattooed doctor with a goatee *gasps*. It was law at first sight. 

I have also been binge-watching and catching up with One Piece lately and I remember the fun times I had with Jan at the Tokyo One Piece Tower three years ago. I feel so bad I wasn't able to blog about it, especially when the only One Piece theme park in the world already closed its doors for good last July 31, 2020 (eff you, corona). 

March 23, 2019.
So now, I am throwing in some photos I uploaded on Facebook because I just realized I might have lost the memory card that had all our photos in Japan. Bummer. If I wasn't too lazy to post this before or at least transfer the photos to my hard drive, then there would have been more.

Going back there would have been awesome now that I joined the Barto Club.

But damn.

It's sad. But I am thankful we got the chance to visit it when we could. 

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