Is There an OFF Button for Motherhood?

By Sarah Aterrado - May 08, 2022

It may not seem like it but, truthfully, I am terrible when it comes to parenting. A lot of moms probably feel the same way, too. It's just that people don't really talk about it.

The truth is, parenting is something most mothers struggle to enjoy. It is a hard and thankless job. 

Don't get it wrong. I love my kids—all three of them. The husband does a great job in supporting and helping me the best he can. And I do see the beauty in motherhood no matter what. But I still have my moments, too. There were those times I wish there's an OFF button for it. 

But of course, that is never happening. The most realistic thing I can do to keep me sane is to shop online or grab a favorite snack or two. 

I am glad I get to munch on Pocky and Pretz when parenting gets the better of me. A box can turn me from cranky to cheerful real quick. That wonderful surge of happiness you feel when eating a sweet treat? It is scientifically proven. 😉

And that happiness is doubled when shared. So today, on Mother's Day, I'm sharing these to my mom, too! It's one of my ways of thanking her for putting up with us all these years. 

Want to give your moms something they will surely love? Go get your mom these Glico sweet treats! You can conveniently shop for these online at Lazada and Shopee.

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