Animal Crossing Island Tour Part 2

By Sarah Aterrado - February 23, 2023

Yes, folks! I still play (with really long breaks in between). And yes, after 1,3xx hours, I am NOT YET DONE. I strongly believe that no Resident Representative (a.k.a Player 1), not one, has ever finished this game. I lost count on how many times I've tore down some parts of my island because new ideas and inspirations always come popping in. And when I "finish", I actually feel the need to start another. The possibilities are so endless!

My island is a never ending work in progress but, at least, I have some update and I know it's getting better with each build. (Related article: my last island tour)

So let's start...

The Entrance

When I first built my island, I didn't care about entrances. I chose and island layout where the Resident Services (town hall) is near the airport because I thought it would be better for easy access. Until I started joining catalog parties and trading with other players around the globe that every time I step out of their airports, their grand entrances would stun me, wishing I could stay long to explore their islands.

That's when I realized that my town hall is way too close to the airport. Since it is not aligned sensibly and the structure cannot be relocated, I had a hard time designing my entrance creatively. It took me too many builds before I settled with this one:
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Airport
This is what you will see the moment you step out of the airport.

Animal Crossing Island Tour - Entrance
I hid my misaligned town hall with these walls.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Entrance at night
How it looks at night.
Just a few of my attempts at making a nice entrance.

The Plaza/Piazza/Public Square

I have this fascination with public squares and parks. I do enjoy sitting on benches, appreciating the views, and watching people. I know my island needs something like that too.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Plaza
The main square. Just beside the town hall.
I've been to Liberty Square (Taiwan), Victoria Harbor Promenade (Hong Kong), Merlion Park (Singapore), Gwanghwamun Square (South Korea), Osaka Castle Park (Japan), and Senado Square (Macau). And I dream of visiting those European public squares some day. The Red Square in Moscow and Piazza San Marco in Venice are on top of my must-see list.

So what I did is a combination of all the squares I've been to and the ones I dream of going to.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Public Plaza
Up close.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Sunset viewing deck
View Deck. Best for watching sunsets.

Food Establishments

Being a big foodie myself, I created a lot of these in the island. I think around 75% of the structures I built have something to do with food.

Japanese Food Stall/Yatai

I did something that's similar to the yatai in Japan because I love ramen and almost every Japanese food there is.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Ramen Stall
I cannot not have this in my island.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Japanese Food Stall
Just by looking at it, I really want to go back to Japan and just eat.

The Pub

Here's the thing, I'm not alcoholic but I do get myself a beer or two sometimes. I see myself with Jan in one of our adventures one day, unwinding in a cozy, rustic country pub after a day of wandering around the streets of Ireland.

For now, this island pub will do.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Pub
I've had this pub since my first build.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Pub
Another angle. Taken during the day.

Riverside Bistro/Coffee Shop

Animal Crossing Island Tour - Coffee Shop
This was inspired by those riverside cafes in Denmark.
Animal Crossing Island Tour - Coffee Shop by the river
The Bistro at night.

Ice Cream Parlor

I love the Sanrio items.

The Bakery

Animal Crossing Island Tour - Bakery
Still existing since my last build.

Farm-to-table Restaurant

You can see the small farm from where you dine.

All-you-can-eat Restaurant

Never not having a buffet resto. 😁

Outdoor Dessert Cafe

An outdoor dessert cafe in some quaint street. Love the European vibe here.
Bird's eye view.

The Diner

I love all things retro and vintage, so a classic American diner is one of the things I'm going to try when we fly to USA two or three years from now (yes, I'm claiming it).
Not as colorful as those typical diners, but I love this!

Picnic/Hangout Areas

I remember the time when I was a kid, my family would go on picnics every weekend at Magsaysay Park. I would love to do this with my family now too. I imagine eating breakfast on that classic picnic blanket on a grassy area near Croc Park while the kids learn how to ride a bike. 😊
Marlo is picnic ready!
I have this thing for wooden docks, wood decks, boardwalks, and such. You'll probably notice a number of these in my island.
Inspired from My Girl (1991) movie.
I also have so many fond memories eating by the lake, beside a a stream or a river, and near a waterfall. You must have noticed that most of my picnic areas are near the water.
Hanging out with Judy.
Tia fishing!


The Flea Market

I have only seen the flea markets in Marrakech through my friends' vacay photos. I really love how charming. vibrant, and lively it looks. Although I'm probably not interested into buying ornate jewelries, colorful rugs, and those intricately handcrafted furniture, I know I would enjoy just by looking at it. But who knows what other interesting knickknacks I might find there?

I dream of going there, but for now, I'll just bring the colorful souks of Marrakech into my island.
Morrocan-inspired flea market.

Marina/Seafood Market

Similar to wooden docks, I also love harbor marinas! I would love to go on a vacation in Marina Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, rent a small yacht, go sailing and even try sport fishing someday. How about a sea-to-table experience? Or simply just wait for the the fishing boats come in to buy their fresh catch?

That's how I imagined it when I created this little marina/seafood market in my island.
A seafood lover will need a fresh seafood market.

Surf Shop

I do enjoy hanging out in these surf shacks. I love the vibe there. So chill. *cue in music, You and Your Heart by Jack Johnson*
Surf shop and beach bar.

Fresh Produce Store

This one reminds me of the old wooden buildings in the province that sell fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic ingredients.
One of my favorite structures in the island.
I love how it looks at night.

Toy Shop

I remember frequenting Dreamworld Gift Shop because they sell all kinds of novelty toys the rich kids in our school bring like a Tamagotchi, Polly Pocket, and Trolls. Of course, ten-year-old me yearned for those toys too but my parents' empty wallets would always give me that gentle nudge that they're for my eyes only. But I was already too happy with the magic rainbow spring, handheld water ring toss, and Sanrio stationeries we bought from there.

Now as an adult, I can afford this game, so I made my own toy shop. Haha.

Other Establishments

The Library

I was a bookworm. Now I'm just bibliophile. No matter, a library is imperative!

Hairs and Nails Salon

We all need pampering...


And a relaxing bath and massage after a long day at work.

Flower Shop

I went to the vast flower market in Taichung, Taiwan, and I really love it there! I actually recreated it in my previous builds but I thought the flower fields took up so much space that I decided to just make a small one.
What I built is nowhere like the one in Taiwan. But it has a flower field, a flower shop, a bike, and cafe, so I guess this is close enough. Haha.

Recreational Areas

Amusements Parks

I love peryahans and theme parks! Hence...

I am happy they added these carnival items. I remember Jan and I being very competitive when it comes to the shooting games in a carnival here in our city or even those outside the country. We always win and bring something home.
I don't know about you, but amusement parks make me happy!


I loved going to arcades too, but I haven't really been interested with it now that I'm an adult. So I'm putting one of my teenage pastimes in my island for my villagers to enjoy. Did you know that other than the usual plushies, I also won a rice cooker and an electric kettle just by playing games in an arcade before?
I used to play basketball, Dance Dance Revolution, coin pusher, or billiards in an arcade just across the Uni.

Other lovely spots in the island

I love the beach.
Bridge near the library and riverside bistro.
Bridge near the bakery and plaza.
Football field for this former football player.
Downtown area.
Why so sungit, Marshal?
Near the library and museum.
Mini garden for my favorite gyroid.
The back alley.
Unlike other islands, mine doesn't follow a theme. It's a hodgepodge of things that want, stuff that I do, and places I dreamed of. It's everything I am.

I am really grateful this game existed.  Animal Crossing: New Horizons gave us, well, new horizons. It was released just a few days after the total lockdown and until now, I can still see some people play it.  Some may no longer be that active in game and some people take really long breaks (like me), but there are a lot of new players too, and the community is still there. Still helpful, still fun, still creative, still inspiring. And it's still amazing. 

Anyway, here's my DA in case you want to visit my island in your dreams. :)

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