Go Large!

By Sarah Aterrado - February 15, 2023

I have been skinny for as long as I can remember. While I can devour a truckload of burgers and still not gain a pound, being cursed with a metabolism that burns up calories more quickly than I can eat isn't always a good thing. 

I always had trouble finding clothes that fit me well. Size extra small (XS) is not exactly easy to find. Plus size women have a shop and an entire clothing line dedicated for them. But for the petite size? Not much. And I cannot always shop for children's clothes if I want to be taken seriously. 

So, I'd usually end up with these constricting, figure-hugging clothes because it's the only way for me to look womanly and accentuate my low-key curves. If I wear anything loose and comfier, it would be impossible to tell me and a coat hanger apart.

But lately, the baggy fashion is making its way back to the runway and, without a doubt, I immediately jumped into it. Such has always been my thing.

What I wore in our high school class reunion last December 2022. The shirt is medium.

After that long era of skinny jeans that deny you blood circulation and bodycon tops that's supposed to disable breathing, I almost forgot how comfy these baggy and oversized clothes are. You would see me sport them anywhere, in any occasion. 

Size S top.

A few days ago, Jan and I went looking for shirts we can wear for Rhett's school activity. I will be dancing with the kids and other parents. 

To avoid a possible wardrobe malfunction like exposing my midsection flab when I raise my arms up in the air in front of a huge, probably conservative crowd, I thought of going large. After all, it's a 90s-themed family event. An oversized shirt paired with a baggy pants, and the classic Tretorn sneakers would pull off a late 90s vibe.

I combed every clothing rack there is, including men's. But I didn't have much of a choice since there's a specific color to follow and I was too lazy to transfer to another store. So I bought the only large, dark green-ish top available without even bothering to inspect and fit it. 

I came home slightly disappointed, and not because it's my least favorite color and the design is not anyone's top choice. At this point, I am no longer sure if the large clothings nowadays have been downsized or I have actually gone up a size—which is news to me. The large tee doesn't look oversized on me as I thought it would be.

At AdDU-JHS Grade 8 Family Night. My son is probably 5'5" na. Ako naman, feeling bagets pa. 😁
I used to buy my clothes at the kiddie section. Now that I've unknowingly put on some weight, my wardrobe carries women's large or men's medium sizes and I don't look like a hanger in them, not anymore. I am happy about that. 

All my life I have struggled to bulk up—being an athlete, sexually active, workaholic, and such. Haha. And clearly, gluttony and getting pregnant three times did not work for me. But I guess, turning a little older and parenting a teenager and two tiny humans at once did it for me effortlessly. 😅

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