On Airports and Emotions

By Sarah Aterrado - July 07, 2023

I have been here for about an hour now. 

While I try to make out what is being broadcasted over the speakers because I can only hear muffled and distorted sounds as if the announcer is gargling the microphone, I have been watching people. 

And so it occurred to me that airports are a home to intensified emotions. Excitement. Anxiety. Happiness. Sadness. Optimism. Fear. Awe. Disappointment. Gratitude. And possibly any emotion that you can think of.

I wonder what my fellow bloggers feel right now? 

Not that it's my business.

But you see, we will be flying out for an exclusive event this coming Saturday. This is not the first time I got invited as a blogger to attend a press conference, product launch, familiarization tour, appreciation night, or a festive occasion outside Davao City. 

And it feels great.

To travel for free. To meet new and familiar faces in the industry. And most of all, to be recognized and invited alongside the amazing bloggers and media companies from all over country.

But I have got to admit, it also feels a little weird.

Because I know I stand lightyears away from being a household name. I do not have a great number of followers. I am just a regular blogger who would still turn to Google to get the spelling right. 

But even if I am fretting over attending such blogging events, I still get excited about it. Because I know I was not invited by accident. That I have something to offer. That I am doing something worthwhile.

And while I wait for our boarding announcement, I am getting myself ready. I will be boarding with much pride and enthusiasm, and definitely offloading all those fears behind.

I am going to have a great time.

P.S. this is a live blog and it ends here.

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