Here's an Honest Review: White Glow Skincare Products

By Sarah Aterrado - March 25, 2024

Dry patches, dark spots, visible fine lines, blemishes, and an overall lack of glow that screams "I haven't slept in the last three years"—that's what you get when you're into the thick of motherhood. With two little humans and a teen to take care of, pressing chores, and errands that needed to be done, skincare has been shoved down to the bottom of my to-do list.

But now that I am hitting the last year of my 30s, I choose to prioritize beauty and health (without putting my motherhood duties back seat, of course). So when I got the chance to try White Glow products, I was happy to give them a go. 

I used the products consistently for almost three weeks. Other than the sunscreen, I did not use any other product while using this. So you could say that whatever the results are, are purely from the White Glow skincare line.

I'm not going to make the introductions long, so let's start with the products.

White Glow Herbal and Whitening Soap

What I love about it is that it doesn't have a strong smell, and it doesn't melt easily. It is my first time using a whitening product, so I was honestly concerned when my skin started to peel (one that you can rub off easily) after a few days and then it started to sting mildly after. 

After a few inquiries to my friends who are into whitening, it turns out that the micropeeling is one way of saying that the soap is doing its job in gently removing dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, smoother, and more radiant complexion. And it did make my skin feel smoother and look brighter. The stinging went away after a few uses too.

White Glow Herbal and Whitening Soap ingredients. Php 160.00/pc

White Glow Facial Toner

It is lightweight on the skin, easily absorbed, and does not leave a sticky feeling on the face. I love that my skin appeared brighter after using it. 

It does not have that strong chemical smell that I hate, which most toners have. I would say, it's safe and gentle enough for daily use because it does not make my skin dry. In fact, it makes my skin feel clean, refreshed, and hydrated after use.

Php 180.00 100ml

White Glow Facial Day Cream

One of the reasons why I don't use day creams is that most of the products that I have tried leave a white cast on my face. Or sometimes the products cling and pool on the tiny facial hairs making the cream annoyingly obvious. So, I've only used gel type for my day moisturizer.

But this one feels light, and it absorbs so quickly while still leaving my skin soft, smooth, and moisturized. It gives me that semi-matte, semi-dewy look. I also love how it layers well under any of my favorite sunscreens, It makes my skin extra radiant during the day.
Php 210.00 50g

Taken indoors with some natural light. L-R: Face cleansed with White Glow soap, with White Glow toner, with White Glow facial day cream.

White Glow Facial Night Cream

I apply this before bedtime. It feels a little bit icky for a few minutes after application, but I don't mind because my face looks fresher, brighter, and well-rested when I look at the mirror in the morning. I noticed that my face felt much smoother and softer, too.
Php 180.00 50g

Literally, my 'woke up like this', unfiltered look. See? even in low light, you can see the glow. Nevermind the dark circles under the eyes please because I only get 3-4 hours of sleep daily.  😅

White Glow Gluta-Kojic-Arbutin Hand and Body Lotion

I tend to be very choosy when it comes to body lotions. I have dry skin so I want a lotion that can moisturize heavily but at the same time does not feel sticky.

This hand and body lotion delivers well. It glides over my skin, gets absorbed easily, and it keeps my skin moisturized the whole day! And my skin is also noticeably smoother.
Php 190.00 100ml / Php 310.00 200ml

The Results

I love what the White Glow products have done to my skin. I have only been using it for almost three weeks but I can say that my skin has improved. I did not have breakouts, the dark pimple marks became lighter, and the fine lines are no longer as visible as they were before. And for someone who has always embraced and took pride of my morena skin, I didn't really think about the need for whitening but it can't be denied that there's a bit of skin lightening too. 

But the best thing I love about this skincare journey? The brightening and glowing part. It made my skin look better and healthier, which is something that this always puyat and exhausted mama wanted.

Would I recommend these products? Absolutely!

Will I continue using them? Of course!

These products are available at Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok, and Davao Farmacia Southern (infront of UniCity and beside Chowking Bajada).

Like I always say, all the products I review here on my blog may be sponsored, paid, or bought from my own money. Regardless of how I got them, whatever I say here is unbiased, factual, and only based on my experience. What works for me may entirely be different for you, so please take my words with a grain of salt. 

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