Why Traveling Solo Is Not For Me

Traveling, among many other things, is my passion. But my love for traveling only sprung up on an epic scale when I met the love of my life. If only my travel budget is directly proportional to my passion, then I would have been writing this blog post while enjoying a souvlaki on a boat as it tours around Santorini right now.

I'm not exactly a big traveler nor would I consider myself well-traveled. I'm not the one who could just quit a day job, pack, and never be seen again. I have my priorities and non-negotiables too. But I travel with every chance I get. Long weekends, holidays, vacation leaves, name it.

I've traveled to more than 20 provinces in the Philippines just within the past 3 years and most of the time, I shared it with Jan. Solo travel you say? Did it few times. Didn't die. But I would not say it's something I want to do again.
Wish Jan was here because I know he'd be creeped out by these dead mangroves that look like thorns. Haha *evil grin*
You see, I can easily make friends with strangers, I am not afraid to take risks, I don't mind eating alone, and I can do things on my own. I CAN TRAVEL SOLO, no problem. I just choose not to. And here are the reasons why:

1. I prefer traveling with someone to whom I can share my adventures with.

I've traveled as far as 900 miles away from Davao without anyone close to me. It was great! No doubt. The thing is, every awesome experience, every delicious food I eat, and every beautiful thing I see would just leave me mumbling, "Damn, I wish Jan was here. He would definitely love this."

2. Traveling brings us closer together.

And by us, I mean me and my friends, family, or Jan.

Most especially with Jan. I have never been so grateful for having him as my constant travel buddy (partly because it's good to have someone carry some of my bags. Haha). I swear I am not needy. I can handle myself very well.  I do crave for me-times. It's just that I find it better when we do things together. Traveling is significant to both of us since a big part of our relationship is built on shared experiences. Sure, we have our quiet times. Sure, we have our share of misadventures. Sure, we have our little dramas. Sure, we've seen each other's worse. It isn't always perfect but we enjoy every minute creating memories, strengthening our relationship in new places together.

Traveling with buddies or a partner will either make you or break you. In my case, I have not yet traveled with anyone I do not like. And honestly, it's more fun being with a company you already know - all the more reason why I'd rather not travel solo.

3. Traveling solo makes you confident, helps you conquer your fears, makes you know yourself more, and it gains you new friends.

So does traveling with someone.

The only striking difference I see is, solo travel is more expensive. And I must admit bitterly, I do not have the luxury to do that.

4. Traveling solo can be lonely.

It can be fun, yes. But it can also be lonely. For someone like me who is not accustomed to be alone, I can get lonely pretty quickly once I return to my hotel room on my own.

Traveling solo creates memories. But it does not leave you with memories that you can share for the rest of your life with the same people you created them with. It does not leave you that warm fuzzy feeling when traveling with someone you love. And I would not trade it for anything in the world, not even a solo travel to Paris.

Yes, traveling solo is great, fulfilling, and liberating. I might even do it again. But right now, I choose to share my adventures with the people I love because someday, I would love to relive and laugh about those memories with the significant people I have shared it with.

Pusan Point: Where the Sun Shines First

Just when I thought there won't be any travels for me in the next two months, the curse month really has its way of telling me that things will never go my way because I just found myself traveling to the easternmost point of the Philippines only to have my breath be taken away by this gorgeous sunrise.

Once You Go Clack, You Never Go Back

Keep writing.

That's what Jan told me when he gave me a mechanical keyboard. I've always wanted one but I feel wary about spending too much for a goddamn keyboard that pretty much does the same thing a cheap keyboard would. I never really thought of actually owning one.

But Jan knows better than spoiling me with flowers and teddy bears. He knows me too well. He knows I'll go gaga over this. And naturally, I went gaga over this typing just every word I know. Ketchup. Turtle. Benevolent. Oblong. Sound. Glorious. Sound. Much. Amaze. Wow.

Vlog#3: El Nido

This is not a blog post. In case you didn't know yet, I am starting my YouTube channel. It doesn't have much yet; just a few of travel vlogs that I can't seem to perfect editing, but I'm getting there.

Also, I'm asking the high heavens to give me patience and perseverance in filming, editing, and publishing videos. I never thought it would be this effortful. God-forbid I succumb to laziness because I am enjoying this very much.

Anyway, here's our El Nido vlog, I hope you watch and enjoy it! And if you like this video, please don't forget to give it a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe. :)

Hey June!

Hello there, cursed month! We meet again. And I'm not surprised I'm starting you off with a terrible cold.

You came in just to bring me bad news, huh? Did you think I was going to sulk in the corner knowing I'll be spending the whole month with you just miserably working my ass off and going no further than the kitchen? You think I'd cry my eyes out because my birthday trip to Siargao is not happening?

You only have 30 days, dude. So try to do what you do best. You know, beat the crap out of me. But you're not going to win this time. You will fail. I will not be intimidated even if you stare at me with your uncanny ways of always coincidentally bringing mishaps in my life at this time of the year.

I will just suck it up. Take you one day at a time. You are only a mere thirty freakin days. And when I'm done with you, I'm going places, June. Places!
My kind of window.
Oh wait, July will also be working with you? Then bring it on, you two!

But really, please be good to me.

P.S. Nothing serious here, folks. This is just my obnoxious way of saying there will be no travels for the #LakwatSARAH in the next two months. Which could only mean, this blog will only have something new if sh*t happens. Otherwise, it's really going to be quiet. Haha. Bummer.