Has Anybody Ever Told You...

I am an average looking gal. And even though I do not pass as drop-dead gorgeous, I'm not completely unfortunate looking. Most of the time, I look like I just rolled and fell from my bed.

I Did Not Choose the Klutz Life, the Klutz Life Chose Me

Have you ever been stuck where your life feels so bad you would think it could not get any worse? I have. I think we all have. Shit happens. And the bad news is, it could get a lot worse.

Not that I'm saying I'm going through the worst day of my life today. I do have my moments too, albeit not this one. The last weeks, however, have gotten me on auto-pilot mode. And I think that's kind of shitty. Hence, this random bitching-about-pointless-things post.

Life, as I have feared it, has become that 5am chore, work, and more chores at night. It's the lunch eaten alone. It's the glorious sound of the keyboard that doesn't turn off for at least 8 hours. It's the daily shooing of the cat that takes over the swivel chair leaving cat hair all over. It's the weather that cannot decide weather to rain or shine. It's the bacon on the floor *bawls*. But, if there's a particular thing that's good about routine, it's the good morning kisses and good morning texts I get from the people I love.

This morning, just like every morning, I woke up earlier than my alarm feeling groggy. And to make things worse, I hit the corner of my bedside bookshelf with my head. I could have gone dramatic over a small, assumed-concussion like what I always do when my hormones go on a monthly overdrive and tell Jan my last goodbyes in case I didn't make it out of bed.

But I'm fine. Just bruised and perhaps grumpy.
Life lately (image via catster.com)
Well, this is not really new to me. This Sarah is not Sarah without a scratch or a bruise. I stumble over everything and constantly hurt myself without even knowing it. I believe I was built to walk into walls, spill drinks, knock stuff over, or trip over my own feet. I guess my life will not only be spent wondering how I got a new bruise but also finding the purpose and real meaning of my accident-prone life.

So the next time you see me with bruises in the most unusual places, please be kind enough to smile at me because I'm going through something. Being battered by my own clumsiness, especially having those mini-heart attacks thinking I might land on the floor again on a daily basis, is not easy.

I wish I could say that this is slightly exaggerated but that's what it's like living a klutz life.

How I Avoided Pregnancy Stretch Marks

I'm not saying that stretchmarks are bad. This is in no way an indication that your body is ruined. But it is indeed a proof of how it has triumphed. However, a lot of people are still asking me how come I do not have pregnancy stretchmarks at all. Well, I had my way of "avoiding" them and I'd be happy to share them with you. I just hope I do not come across as body-shaming or something because honestly, this shouldn't really be a big deal and IT IS OKAY TO HAVE THEM.

Stretchmarks, they say, is genetic. You get them or you don't. But I don't completely agree with that. I believe my post-pregnancy stretchmark-free tummy isn't a work of genetics. I have stretchmarks on my butt and some on my boobies, too. Simply because I was not aware the tummy is not the only place to look out for.
2016. 31, sun-kissed and loving it!

Hong Kong-Macau Diary

This is not a travel guide but rather a summary of our recently concluded HK-Macau trip.

I'm not really sure what exactly happened but I think I held my breath for a while as I stood in front of the Immigration Officer while he asked me a couple of questions. The thought of being offloaded scared me. But the next thing I know, I was already at the boarding area working on a couple of urgent tasks.

You Know What's Scary?


I think that's the perfect word to describe the hotel we booked to. Maybe it's just an exaggeration, or worse, it could be an understatement. Whatever that is, we hope to get out of there alive.

If you are wondering what I'm talking about... Well, Jan and I booked a 4-night stay at a place that has been known for its notorious reputation. The Chungking Mansions. I know. What the hell were we thinking, right? How have we gotten ourselves absolutely reckless?

We could put ourselves partly at fault because we did not do research. But in our defense, coming from a third-world country that has, with all honesty, a few horrible hotel accommodations, we thought it was undeniably practical to book in a cheap place that conveniently stands in a desirable location. I mean, this is Hong Kong we're talking about, how could it get any worse? Since we're not fussy about hotel rooms, anything will be fine. We banked on reviews and not one has ever hinted that it is a hub for drug peddlers, sex traffickers, and other illicit activities until Jan's cousin who lived and worked there pointed that out. Backed by blogs about some of the travelers' awful experiences, apparently, we did not read enough.

Jan called Agoda and asked if we can cancel our booking. But alas! Discounted budget hotels come with no-refund-no-cancellation policy and has done us in. We already got our long-term financial priorities sorted out that we can't waste another penny to book to a highly priced and less-than-ideally located hotel. Told him, we'll just get on with it.

I would be lying if I say it didn't scare me. But I think it scared the shit out of me that I almost don't feel scared anymore. Rather curious, intrigued, excited. Maybe a little worried. But at least, I would have something exciting to blog about. Haha. #ParaSaBlog

Crossing my fingers that this trip will push through. Because honestly, what scares me more is the fact that we still don't have the flight tickets for our Hong Kong trip and we only have ten days left. And you know what's also really scary? Those offloading stories at the airport. Imagine having everything planned, booked, and packed only to end up being denied of travel. Ugh. Que horror!