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Monday, March 30, 2020

Where Have All My Biscuits Gone?

It's been what? day 14? 15? of community quarantine and at this point, even those who are so used to staying at home or maybe even the introverts who have been trained for this their entire life already feel uneasy. I thought the quarantine would be no different for me, but honestly, it is.

First, my all-expense paid trip to Vietnam was cancelled. Second, I just had a haircut and I will never get the chance to show off my Dora the Explorer fringe in public. I'm sharing it here now before I'd dare cut it again when it gets long enough and risk looking like Spock.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Of COVID-19, Social Distancing, and Getting Hospitalized

We are taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously and as good citizens, we are practicing social distancing. I think of all the rules implemented in our city, this is the one that I took in well without a single bit of complaint. I've been working from home since 2016, social distancing is nothing new to me.

So with almost everyone opting to stay indoors, what did people get? Our neighbors got a lot of time and have been singing their hearts out as early as 7 o'clock in the morning every single day; some planted flowers that's probably going to die in a few weeks, but at least they tried; some discovered unexplored areas of their homes and did chores they have never done before; others learned pretty useless things like juggling, solving the Rubik's cube, or memorizing the Periodic Table of Elements; while I got hives!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Something Fishy

I never really liked fishes as pet. They are high maintenance, boring, and incapable of human interaction (duh). Not to mention, I can barely keep one alive for more than three days. But here I am, mindlessly watching our fishes swim for hours.

These were actually my uncle's gift for Rhett. But I was the one who got too excited to decorate the aquarium. After coming home from Gen San with our new fishes and live aquatic plants in tow, we immediately bought a 14-gallon fish tank, accessories, and dechlorinator. And voila! A new stress reliever.

We got swordtails, angelfish, and guppies. That's about everything I know for now. But I'm browsing the internet for care sheets because I don't want to see one go belly up too soon.

Monday, September 16, 2019


I couldn’t think of a better title but after posting my skincare routine, I was asked to try a line of whitening products in exchange for a promotion or a review. I politely declined. For the record, I have nothing against whitening products and people who want to whiten their skin. Do whatever makes you happy.

As for me, I've already seen myself in my ghostly form. All thanks to my mom's phone that seem to shoot photos with a hundred layers of filters on by default.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Makakapunta Ako sa Europa Dahil Dito

I am getting addicted to boots.

I find this funny, ridiculous, and stupid because I am living in a hot, humid, tropical country where boots are an abomination. And I got 3 pairs!

But before you raise an eyebrow on me for having 3 freakin' pairs that is more useless than a white crayon, let me tell you how it started.

I bought my first pair because I needed one for a Farm-themed party.

I got these ankle boots on sale for P899 (from P1,899). To save this from becoming a single-wear item like how most boots tend to be, I used this in my travels to Taiwan and Japan. It is not as comfy as any of my sneakers (duh), but it does not hurt my feet and that is important. It does well in long walks. The only thing that makes me want to take it off is the annoying tapping sound it makes everytime I walk.

Monday, May 27, 2019

When You Got Bangs Like Dora

I just wish I have the makeup artist skills so I can transform my face into something better and more tolerable to look at every time I get fed up with my face that's as bland as the miso soup I made so I can leave my hair alone. Because, well, haircuts cannot be undone.

You know how I get perpetually bored with my looks that I would cut my hair on my own from time to time.
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