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Thursday, May 30, 2013


I've never been this idle since I got myself into the world of WAHMs (Work at Home Mom). You know, given the time I save from commuting to and fro, I should have the liberty for a hobby or something.

Okay, I do have a hobby but it's not as strenuous as before. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even require to move a muscle. lol

When was the last time I actually worked up a sweat? Or tried something new? I used to be soooo active. I was once a football player, a dancer, a mountaineer. But now? Now, I am exhausted. Exhausted for doing nothing. I fear that my thirst for thrill and vigor has slowly gone away. :(

Right now, (yes, in bold uppercase letters) I TERRIBLY MISS:

Cuts, bruises, and injuries. Even I can't believe I miss being injured;

Getting kicked in the shin, then drop and roll on the floor in pain. lol;

Adrenaline rush;

High altitude, steep cliffs, mini-heart attacks and that feeling of falling down;

Cursing the sun for being too hot but loving it at the same time;

Burning calories while trying not to burn too much because I don't want to lose weight. lol;

Resisting Coke because I have always believed they affect my cardio endurance (it didn't matter if it doesn't);

Catching my breath;

Our coach's punishment (duck walk or knee-to-chest, anyone?), jog-sprint intervals, or the dreaded Cooper test;

Late night dance practices. Plus balut with spicy suka afterwards. (16 days lang manong ha);


Our choreographer's/captain's bawling and nagging, and the never ending routine polishing;

Muscular fatigue. Sa bisaya pa, PAMAOL;

Winning. And even losing.

I miss the feeling of being so alive. I seriously need a physically exhausting hobby right now and get out of the doldrums. I want to bring back my old life, a not-so-sedentary lifestyle. I need something that can awaken the sleeping dragon in me and reignite the flames of my passion.

I want to breathe fire again.
After our night football game with my buddies (not seen). Circa 2010


  1. so emphatic talaga ang peg. What's holding you back Sis. Gora na..

    1. drama lang. tinatamad ako, that's what's holding me. hahaha

  2. I'm surprised that you miss those things (or are you just being sarcastic)? Haha.

  3. Aww. I feel you! I so miss the times that I get exhausted by doing physical activities. I am n0t a WAHM (not a m0m yet). In fact, I work in an office setting but I feel like a couch potato. haha.

  4. i am exhausted for doing nothing too! haha i am WAHM as well though i dont have a job really. just a plain wife and very happy though i feel for you that SOmetimes we needed those times that we're alive and be away somehow.

  5. Hahahaha....relate much. I am also just like you. A dancer and a runner, but when I become a mom I stop doing that. Well occasionally I am into dancing just in our house and running if I have the chance to join FUN RUN. That's it after that my usual routine turn into BORING LIFE. Hahahaha...but I tried to make my LIFE worth living so I decided to blog while managing my net cafe.

  6. Go!! Go outside of your beautiful house and live like you're in your happy days!!. What's holding you back in doing those kind of things mentioned above? :))