Mother's Day Tribute

I have not been the most obedient child, nor have I been the sweetest or thoughtful one.  But it seems like God is still in favor of me because He has given the best mother of all time.

A lot of my friends know I did not have the best relationship with my mother. I am hard-headed, stubborn, rebellious, and a tad spoiled brat and she, on the other hand, has the eye of the tigress and the mouth of a machine gun. We do just fine lest our heads collide - it's gonna be chaos.

My mom and I are very opposite in so many ways. She's clean and organized, while I like it cluttered and messy. She likes intricacy while I'm a minimalist. She's a speaker, I'm a writer. She's straightforward, while I'm a bit reserved. She handles money well, while I -- need I say more? hahaha

But no matter how we go on different ways, one thing is for sure, there's always love. She loves me more than I could even imagine. She let's me take the last piece of burger even if her tummy's growling. She'd let me have the second pillow even if it's a hardwood that's beneath her. Yes, she gives me anything even if there's nothing more left for herself. She loves me despite the number of letdowns I gave, despite my rebellions, despite my animosity. She's still there no matter how many times I pushed her away. I love her too. But I don't think I could ever reciprocate the love she's giving me.

To tell you the truth, I've hated her so much before. But when a wee little one turned my life around, when I became a mother myself, that's when I saw right through my mother's eyes... all she did was love. She's the one who shaped, inspired, and encouraged my very being. There's more than a thousand and one reasons for me to to thank her. And I know it won't be enough. My mama is the most beautiful and best mom in the whole world.

 I don't know what I have done to deserve such beautiful, empowered, and God-given treasure. I don't even think I am worthy but I know and am very thankful that I am very blessed. I pray that God will continually bless her with good health, and shower her with more blessings as she has been a blessing not just to me, not just to my dad and sister, but to other people as well.

Not everybody is blessed to have a mother, not to mention, the greatest in the world. What more could I ever ask for?

So to you and all the doting moms out there who never cease to love and care, the day is yours, Happy Mother's Day!


  1. you are so blessed to be loved by your parents unconditionally . mothers always know best for their children and no matter what they will never abandon us without a cause

  2. wow! You have a heartwarming story. I am deeply touched and it so nice to know na mother ng bf mo ung biology teacher nio! :) Happy mothers day!

  3. you are blessed to have to great moms guiding your path. It is my prayer that you make bawi to your Mama. I find her a tough person. Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  4. Nice read here. A time to give thanks to our dear mother. Happy Mother's Day to us.

  5. that's a very sweet thoughts for this mother's day!! happy mother's day to both of your mom and mommy

  6. It is nice that you finally resolved your issues with your mom with the arrival of your kiddo :) You are blessed with a wonderful MIL as well :) Happy Mother's day :)

  7. Happy mothers day to you and your two mom's. God gave you the best mothers in the world so you will live a happy, contented and most of all a good Christian.

  8. I guess one of mom's role is to balance us up. We were too hard and stubborn, they have to soften us up by being harder but all in the duty of motherhood.