Tuesday, September 2, 2014

365 Days

Today, marks exactly one year since I first set foot into the corporate world. Time flies really fast when you get too preoccupied, with or without fun. I never even thought I'd survive a year in this dog-eat-dog world. But look! I'm still here, more alive than ever, typing out loud when I should be prepping for work.

365 days is too short, too fast, and too furious. Within that span of one year, I've lost some and gained some. Aside from the weight and acne scars, I have also gained knowledge, a new sport, friends, and love. I am really thankful that things happened the way they did. It molded me to what I am today - bug fixed and updated. Albeit, still under development; a work in progress trying to achieve how the Supreme Being designed me to be.

Funny how I find myself using the terms we commonly use in the office. Perhaps it's also one way of saying how this job has sunk well in my life. Well, anything can be applicable in real life. Even dancing or reading a book can be associated with life. It's just a matter of perspective.

365 days and maybe, just maybe, there will be more to come. Will I survive another day, week, month, or perhaps another year? I don't know. All I know is that I am blessed more than enough to get through the roughs. So whatever tomorrow brings, just BRING IT ON baby!
A year ago.
Taken Sept 2013

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