I am no fashionista.

By Sarah Aterrado - November 25, 2014

Yet despite that lack of fashion sense, I definitely am no sloppy dresser either.

I dress up like an eighteen year old with a devil-may-care attitude college student in tees, jeans, and Chuck Taylors. So, what's the big deal?

I am almost thirty.

It seems like people have have been poking their noses with the way I dress because I have been told quite a lot of times to dress up appropriately according to my age. I don't know what that means but I certainly dress up appropriately according to my lifestyle. Simpleng tao lang po ako. I don't get out of my way to spend a fortune for clothes and fashion. I am never really crazy about them to begin with.

This is what I usually wear for work.
But, I do go out of my comfort zone sometimes, especially when the situation calls for it. It is fun to dress up once in a while, even when wearing heels would make my feet scream murder.

Dressed up or not, whatever clothes I sport on, I never fail to make people yawn. My style goes in between looking blah and just uh-okay. Acceptable, yes. But definitely not interesting. Which I think is probably good because it doesn't grab too much attention. Too simple to pass as stylish. Too boring to be noticed. It is not unflattering, nonetheless.

Well, I don't think anybody would disagree to what people would oftentimes say, it's not what you wear but how you wear it. Kaya sige, dadaanin ko na lang ito sa confidence at smile. Haha. I think I can pull off wearing a cheap, not-so-fabulous dress without those trinkets and a make-up on, can I not?

I like to believe it is a blessing not being a fashionista. Fashion breeds shopaholicism. And I don't have the luxury to splurge on a lavish fashionable lifestyle. Even those who claim to be bargain hunters are still shopaholics who are just afraid to admit they spend hefty amounts for discounted items. No judgment here, okay? I actually admire some people who take pride of their style and show off how they wear it. Some #ootd posts I see are actually amazing.

On the other hand, I disdain people who would starve for fashion. Those who try so hard wearing overpriced clothing but is buried in debt. Those who spend more than they earn just to attain some pointless status symbol. Unless you're suffering from delusions of grandeur, then you're excused.

I have no qualms about people being fashionable. But if you can't afford that kind of lifestyle, don't push yourself to be in it. Stop trying to look rich and pathetic.

I used to think fashion is for creativity and self-expression. But now, the way I see it, I think otherwise. Fashion now became a stigma of shallowness. Where surface appearance is more important. Where the brands you wear define your socioeconomic status. Where trendy is the new unique. Pfft.

This is when I dare say, I am glad I'm not a fashionista. Well, I never was, never is, and never will be.

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  1. You are not a fashionista but you have style. Simplicity is your style. You rock and look so pretty in that dress btw :)

  2. I just realized there's a fine line between fashion and style. Yeah, you're right. Thanks!

  3. you have pretty face and nice body, anything will look good on you. mao ni akong gusto sa imo sarj ba. you have strong opinions, bonus pa jud kay brayt ka. daghan napd maigo aning imong blogpost. :p

    1. Daghan maigo, yes. Pero sa ubang imong gipanulti, wala koy kwarta bai. Hahaha

    2. And about having strong opinions, dili man pud siguro. Layo ra ko sa akong mga idol like Conrado de Quiros, Lourd de Veyra or the blogger AJ Perez. I hope Im socio-politically aware para naa koy masulti about current issues. Sa karon, about life experiences lang sa akong mga opinion. Hehehe