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By Sarah Aterrado - November 29, 2014

Earlier today, my workmates and I visited Providence Home of St. Joseph at Tugbok District, Davao City. It is a home which caters abused, abandoned, neglected, and orphaned children. At first I thought of it as an ordinary outreach activity, something like those any other outreach programs required by our schools way back in high school and college. But this time, it's different. I guess when you grow up and do things willingly, you see things differently.

We had the usual programme: introduction, games, presentations, yadda yadda. Then the children took us by surprise with their numbers, when in fact, we should be the one surprising them. It was a lot fun than I expected. Yes, I was more inclined to the fun part. I was never emotional when it comes to this. But what gave me away was when they sang a Christmas song with the words:

Lagi mo na maiisip na sila'y nandito sana
At sa Noche Buena ay magkakasama.
Ang pasko ay kay saya kung kayo'y kapiling na
Sana pagsapit ng Pasko, kayo'y naririto...

To my non-Filipino speaking friends, to simply translate this song it means, I wish my loved ones are here this Christmas.

I've heard this song a lot of times. And it was nothing more than just a Christmas song. But knowing what kind of people sang this... damn! It is unbelievably heart-wrenching. It was a particularly poignant moment it gave me goosebumps while a tear tried to push its way out of my eye. It made me realize a lot of things.

Come to think of it, sometimes, we find ourselves frowning over little things. Like those times when we grudgingly get out of bed and fuss about the dreadful Mondays. We drag ourselves to work, whining about our jobs and wishing we could just sit around all day. We complain about life being so hard and unfair. We get too preoccupied with our own issues that we oftentimes fail to see that there are people struggling and facing bigger and tougher problems than any of our problems combined. These children, for example.

These children are going through something even more difficult than losing a job or being dumped in a relationship. They have lost not only their families, but perhaps a big part of them as well. And it's so sad to see that the dearest longing of their hearts are what we neglect and often take for granted. :(
While we struggle how to get by a bad day, these children are just few of the many who are in a constant battle for happiness, finding one's self, fulfillment, and inner peace. They opened our eyes to see that we are indeed blessed. And it's about time we become blessings too. Sure, we cannot do everything. But we can do something. The things we do like playing games with them or giving them a hearty meal is a little gift we can give, and that has the ability to make a big difference. We bring them hope. And best of all, we get to let these children know that they are loved and that God hasn't forgotten about them. God is working in us and through us. We are His instruments.

It pays to pay it forward. This little act of giving back did not only give me satisfaction from within but it brought me a sense of fulfillment knowing I made a difference in one way or another to one soul and another. It does feel so good when you make someone, a child, let alone a number of children happy and you know you are the reason for it.
I'm not trying to blow my own horn here. In fact, I haven't done much. I am actually proud of my friends who took extra steps for this to be made possible. I know, I know, helping others doesn't need to be announced. But I am just hoping this post will inspire you to help too. There are a lot of children out there, in need of food, shelter, clothing and most of all, love. The little amount of money and time we give will, in return, have an impact to one child that could last a lifetime.

Let's pay it forward.  Let us not live for ourselves alone. Let us be God's instruments. Let's do this ad majorem Dei gloriam.

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  1. Nice read again sarj. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! Kinsa man ni? Butang pud mog pangalan sunod para makabalo ko kinsa gacomment. Hahaha

  2. You are indeed living our school's motto, be men and women for others. Nice sarj. Blue-blooded Atenean jud ka!

    1. I would like to believe our school has been a great part in molding me to what I am today. Char. Haha. Bitaw ui. :D

  3. I am glad that to know that there are still a lot of people who do this programs. I used to do this when I was in school and there's a certain joy when you see the smile in their faces