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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Buy

I don't really brag about my purchases, except for the books and for this one. But save those sneers, what I am about to brag has a little story to tell.

You must understand, ever since I first set foot on Mt. Apo with my ever reliable Sandugo sandals and blistered feet, I promised myself a good pair of shoes for this kind of adventure. It took me almost a decade to be able to afford one. And here it is! Finally.

Well, I must have been very nice this year because I got the perfect(est), best(est), and comfiest hiking shoes this Christmas! Woot! And the best part is, I defintely am the luckiest when I got this.
Columbia Helvatia Women's Shoes

I would like to think, this pair is really meant for me because everything that happened earlier were in my favor, leading me to the most unexpected, most unbelievable, and best buy ever. Well, I have the boyfriend to thank for helping me fight the urge to give in to my weakness (that would have been books. But the books can wait, and there's still a month's worth of reading from my unread books). If not for him, I wouldnt have this. I guess, I will never have one at all. :)
Am I happy?



Hell yes!

It's so comfy I could wear this in my sleep. And as of this writing, it is still not sinking in that I now own a pair of Columbia. Haha. :)

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  1. Great Christmas present for yourself! I hope I can get in to an active lifestyle like you, I just let my fat sit here hah.

  2. Nice choice :) Enjoy your new shoes ^^

  3. @Everyone thanks! I really love it. It's super worth the cost.

  4. wise buy. my brother has columbia too. he bought it i think around 7,000 php at that time 3 years ago i think and he uses it everyday. it is still great. really worth the price.

  5. I was supposed to be using this for hiking. But I think I'm so in love with it, I would rather buy a cheaper shoes for hiking. haha. I'm also using this casually. I love it that it's so comfy and it's waterproof, so I don't have to worry about that messy feeling when your feet gets wet while you're wearing shoes, especially that it keeps on raining nowadays.