Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I remember somebody suggested that I should take photos of my journal entries and turn them into blog posts. I cringed at the idea at first. I have my own private life and that's what journals are here for. But I guess, I will make an exception just for this time.

I just want to share the day a question began to skim across on my mind. A question to which answers began to fall one by one like leaves that smell of autumn. 

Is it love?

I remember that day. That day when I found myself wearing the widest and giddiest smile again. That day when the leaves above me conspired with the wind to carry my words gently to his ears then down to his heart. That day when the moon, the wind, and the tree became silent witnesses of a love that's about to bloom. That day. That one memorable day. :)
Nope. Not our anniversary. ;)
Yeah, I'm cheesy like that. And if you find this damn too corny and you feel like throwing up, go ahead while I sit and bathe here in my mush. ^_^


  1. 224 = is it love? Tama no? Ayos a!

    1. Hahaha. I never thought somebody would figure that one out. Yep, tama na Is It Love and date pud siya actually 2/24. Ayos diba? Murag kantang 214 lang. Hahah


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