Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I hate Facebook but...

I still use it anyway.

I'll be honest with you. Facebook, or the people using Facebook can be annoying as hell. However, no Facebook posts are more annoying than a person who complains about how annoying Facebook is. Just like this one. So yeah, I'm gonna annoy you with things about Facebook that annoy me so much that I have to waste precious time blogging about it. Here goes...

1. Check-ins. Do we really need to know where you are and what you are doing every effin' minute of your life? Unless you're in some grand tourist landmark like the Eiffel Tower, because I believe that is worth sharing, then you are excused. And yes, you can actually go to the gym without posting about it on Facebook.

2. Attention whores a.k.a people taking selfies of the same face from different angles trying to fish for compliments. Worse, those pretending-to-be-asleep kind of selfies. Seriously?

3. Nudity. I'm in no position nor am I a goody-two-shoes to abhor such thing. But in Facebook, really? There are other places for that. You want links? I'll gladly email them to you.

4. Graphic photos and videos. Not everyone can tolerate stomach-churning images as much as you do. Be sensitive with what you share.

5. Chain messages. I can't believe people who share such bs still exist. I thought they were gone for good the time I lost my eudoramail. Geez.

6. Endless rants and fights that surprisingly have the ability to pull down your vibrant mood too. This.

I remember it was a year ago when I had a huge fight over Facebook with the ex when he posted something that I just felt the need to defend myself. We had an exchange of harsh and demeaning words. I was too enraged that I didn't mind people were already reading probably with a popcorn on their laps like they're watching a blockbuster film. Friends started messaging me. Some were concerned, others were just nosy. Then I realized that I just plummeted into public scrutiny, like doing a bungee jump without the bungee cord. And worse, I just threw in negativity to people who have no intent of reading our personal issues. I admit, that was the lamest thing I've done over the internet and I swear to the every inch of my skin that that is the first and definitely the last one.

You see, Facebook gives people loud opinion and it allows them to share freely anytime they want. Whether it is smart or dumb, good or bad, decent or even if it is already uncalled for... It does not matter. I get it. Post the hell whatever you want. It's your wall and you can do and write anything on it and there's nothing we can do about that. Point taken. But what you don't understand is that once it is posted, that's already for the whole world to read and judge.
Ignore. Mind your own business. Get over and be done with it. It would have been easy. But even if you believe you are posting on your own wall, the fact remains that it belongs to the public domain and that is for everyone to see. It's just the same as having a neighbor who is listening to Justin Beiber's (s)hits on full volume that reaches your house while you are trying to get some sleep.

You really can't blame if you piss or annoy someone after (unintentionally) reading one of your upsetting, rage against the world, sad-sorry-life kind of statuses or your shameless posting of selfies every now and then (please lang, makasuka na). It's a moodkiller, you know. Unfollowing or unfriending could be the best and an easy option but can rather be a tedious task if almost everybody is just like that.

Everything in Facebook is starting to bore me. Or maybe I'm missing out the fun here? I checked my own profile and the more I got bored. Surprised to see that I made more posts here on my blog than I had on Facebook. But why am I still on Facebook?

There is nothing in Facebook (or anywhere in the internet) that can enrich my life in a meaningful way. And I could entirely opt out of Facebook if I want to. But I don't think I'm ready for that just yet. You see, I've got reasons too and I could put more weight on that than the reasons why I don't like it:

1. Everybody uses Facebook. I mean, every-freakin-body. So if you don't have Facebook, you probably do not exist.

2. It connected me to my long-lost buddies and family I had not seen for decades.

3. Quitting Facebook could also mean denying myself of a great avenue for communication to friends who are not in the same city as me.

4. News. I told you, I don't watch tv.

5. In Facebook, a new episode of reality show or soap opera airs every ten minutes or so.

6. Facebook is indeed boring. And so is leaving.

So what's my point here? I am trapped. We are trapped. Whether we love it or loathe it, as social creatures we cannot help but succumb to the trend, particularly Facebook. Like krills that idly go with the flow until a larger predator devours them. We can never get away with it for the rest of our lives until a new social networking site emerges, eats Facebook, and sucks the life out of social life... again.

Wow. I can't believe I've actually written almost a thousand words just for this. I seriously need a hobby.

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