That Thing Called Tadhana

Yup, this is me losing the battle against cheesy Filipino movies. I don't really like watching love stories, let alone Pinoy movies for their unoriginal, predictable, and overly promoted but usually half-assed quality production. To tell you honestly, Pinoy movies suck big time right now. No. Let me rephrase that. Over-hyped Pinoy movies suck big time. But this, this film that humbly made its way to the big screens really got me. It somehow hoisted the downward spiral of the once great Philippine movie industry, didn't it? We need more movies like this. Movies that actually foster creativity over profit.

That Thing Called Tadhana movie poster
Trailer pa lang, kumbinsido na akong papanoorin ko to. I don't know if this plot has been used many times on any other movies, and I don't think it matters because all I know is I see myself in both of the characters of the film.

I see myself as Mace being devastated after the end of a very long relationship (although my story didn't happen exactly the same as Mace's), and I see myself as Anthony who also happened to be an artist and a designer at that who lost the verve and confidence to his skills in art. And I see our (Jan and I) story, almost the same as theirs. So what's not to love about this film? Touche Mace and Anthony. Touche!

All the raves I have read from the actual viewers and those jam-packed cinemas didn't make me think of it as just an indie film. Actually, I didn't realize that there were only two casts in it until the end credits because I never got bored even though the entirety of the film is just conversation after conversation. And it even feels like I was actually there, eavesdropping. Those witty lines that were delivered genuinely and naturally have the ability to hit your existence all the time. All the friggin' time.  'tang ina, tagos!

I don't really watch Pinoy romantic movies. Oh wait! I don't even think it's romantic, nor romantic-comedy for that matter, nor a drama. I think this doesn't fall into any genre at all because it feels so real you will forget it's just a goddamn movie. Plus, the actors really portrayed their characters exceptionally that they kept me captivated from start to end.

This is the only film that made me blog since One More Chance. And this is the only Pinoy film that is, in a way, heart-wrenching yet left me smiling and still wanting for more.

P.S. Gusto kong pumunta sa Sagada.