Hear Me Roar

I feel so horrible right now. I just realized that no matter how patient I can be, when it comes to my child, all hell breaks loose and I turn into a monster. I am dead serious when I say nobody messes with my kid. Nobody.

I didn't realize what I just did until somebody pointed out that I might have overreacted. Yes, I think my reaction went over the top. But it was something I could not really help. It was though I am a lioness protecting her cub from a perpetrator. And nothing could ever stop me. Fury was burning inside and I was consumed with rage. To see my child cry and cower, I completely lost it.

What happened today, was just a tiny, minute part of this very big and cruel world. And it got me to thinking, how far can I actually go to protect my child? I'd say I would go great lengths. Farther than I can imagine. If, in any case, someone did really hurt my kid? I would make hell seem like a happy place. And it scares me to think what I can actually do.

I would never have imagined my hands getting dirty. But I would if I have to. Because, yes, I am a mother. The same woman who couldn't bear to watch a chicken getting slaughtered. But when cornered, I turn into a lioness, bare my claws and not hesitate to strike.

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