Monday, October 23, 2017

Photo Diary: Hong Kong Disneyland

I was 4 when I was first introduced to Mickey Mouse. Since then, I fell in love with anything Disney. From The Rescuers to Aladdin to their first computer animated film Toy Story to their latest live-action film Beauty and the Beast. Name it. I have seen it all. Disney has etched magic in my 4-year old heart and apparently, it has not escaped me ever since.

Before writing this post, I compiled all the photos that I was supposed to use here and learned that a 64gb memory card and 3 cameras with fully-charged batteries do not warrant a lot of photos. One day in Disney and we only have more or less 50 photos including those epic fails and blurry shots.

I remember telling Jan that we will have the time of our lives inside, we won't let picture-taking consume our time and spoil the moment. And yes, we did! This trip isn't well documented, but I'm thankful we still managed to snap a few decent ones para sa blog, para sa Instagram, para sa Facebook, at para sa Photobook. Dahil kahit sobrang nagenjoy kami doon, iiyak ako kung wala kaming matinong picture. Haha. Buti na lang talaga meron.
The train to Disneyland.
Welcome to Disneyland!
Obligatory jump shots, of course!
Thankful for the fellow Filipinos we met along the way who are kind enough to take our photos. We returned the favor, of course.
Surfing Mickey on the whale.
When we left Disneyland, I told Jan we forgot to take pictures at the iconic Mickey Mouse flower bed. Then I remembered snapping a photo of our entrance tickets, inadvertently showing the flower bed. I think that's good enough. Haha
While every girl got Minnie ears, I got myself this MU hat. I promised myself that I would buy one no matter the price. When we got home, my heart sank because I realized that $155 HKD is too expensive for a hat. But it's okay, the hat's cool anyway.
Do you know how hard it is to get a decent pic in this spot?
Carousels are for adults, too.
Had to sit down because we got dizzy after the Star Wars ride.
While Disney characters, princesses, and the royal highness Mickey and Minnie go out from time to time, we didn't waste our time queuing for a photo or two. Mike Wazowzki would have been a different story though. I would be willing to stand in line for hours to have a photo with him. But I guess he still hasn't returned since his banishment in the Himalayas. So this will do for now:
Who wore it better? Is it too obvious that I'm a Monsters Inc. fan?
Did the Duterte fist, but Iron Man insisted on doing this pose. K. Fine.
I regret buying this $28 HKD corn.
This has got to be my favorite part in all of Disneyland. :)
After a lot of pleading and careful negotiations, I finally got Jan to ride this one. Glad he didn't strangle me after. Haha. This and the Parachute drop would be my favorite rides of all.
Disney castle at night :)
And of course, the long awaited fireworks.
Since Davao's firecracker and fireworks ban almost 20 years ago, fireworks no matter how simple it is always fascinate me. Much more when it's as grand as this. Ten minutes nakanganga ui.

Yes, I might be too old for toys and candies but I'll never be too old for Disneyland. The moment I stepped inside I realized that the only difference between me and that kid 28 years ago is that I have bills to pay. I am now 32 but I believe I'm pretty much that same kid who gets overwhelmed with magic.

And Disneyland is so full of magic. The Disney train ride, the kiddie rides, or even the spectacular fireworks display at night is simply an invitation for me to go back to the happiest place on earth. And I will.

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