Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dress Diaries

I'll be honest. Even though I'm no fashionista and my wardrobe is always out of season, I would be lying if I say I don't like dressing up. It makes me look human.

But what I hate about dressing up is the misery of finding the dress that's actually wearable. And by wearable, I meant something that's casually comfortable but could still be elegant and not unflattering at the same time. For my body type, that's kind of elusive, you know.

My body is so specific. I am skinny but I've got curves. So dresses from the department store can either be too big on the waist or too tight on the bust. Usually, I had my dresses done for me and that's a bummer because it is more expensive than buying RTWs. The ones I got from the department stores are not and will never be perfect fit and had to be sent for repair.

I love dressing up. But before slaying the red carpet, I'd go through a mini meltdown first after browsing a thousand dresses only to try on ten and fit on none. #TheStruggleIsReal

Anyway, I just rocked this dress during my sister's 18th birthday. I had this tailored by K Davao - formerly Kasuotan and it's the most gorgeous thing ever!

Move over, Pia Wurtzbach! Charaught! Haha
My little prince!
My fifty-something (almost 60 teehee) mom who just looks like my sister.
My escort. And I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kata Gallenito for making me pretty that night. :)
That's one of my bestfriends, Faith. We've been together since time immemorial. We share a lot of things in common and the most remarkable one of all is having a sister that's 14 years younger. L-R Queenie (who also turned 18 two days after Abi's debut and who happens to be my godchild), Faith, Abi (my sister), and me.
I just pulled off one event that requires dressing up and I've got more events like this to slay before the year ends. And this calls for another round of meltdown because I'm already running out of dresses to wear.

"Couldn't you just wear your dresses again?", you may ask. Ummm... No. Simply no. All my dresses suffer the same fate. They'd be worn excitedly for a maximum of four hours then tossed away and forgotten until God knows when. Dresses aren't really practical but you simply cannot not have them.

I love dressing up even though rocking a dress requires an intense commitment to be lady-like, act refined, and do things with poise and grace - something I will never possess. But you know what I've just learned about dressing up? I CAN RUN IN MY 4-INCH HEELS WITH EASE. Now, that is something. Haha


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