I wasn't really a big fan of souvenirs. When Jan and I traveled far and wide, we didn't bring anything home with us but pictures and memories until our first trip in Boracay (emphasis on the word first because we're going back there soon and I hope I'm not jinxing it by prematurely announcing it. lol).

Fridge magnets were everywhere there and they were cheap (around Php 50). Which, I supposed, triggered that fridge magnet nut case in me when a thought occurred that a fridge magnet from every destination might be a good idea. So we bought 3 magnets (for Jan's home, for my parents' home, and our future home). And the rest, as they say, is history.

This is what we have a little over a year later. Our collection is growing. Most of these are from our travels and some are from our friends. I honestly regret not buying magnets from Universal Studios and Hong Kong Disneyland - but this would also give me a reason to go back there. Kaya di bale nang mahal, basta bibili na talaga ako.

These are actually not yet displayed because I'm keeping these magnets for our future home. Obviously, today, I took them right out of the box just because I wanted to see how they will look on the fridge and I realized how ugly and tacky these things are. But I never thought such thing could make me happy because every magnet you see here has a story to tell.
I'm well-loved. Thank you, Bretch!

These will always remind me about the wonderful memories we made to the different places we've set foot on, the thoughtfulness of our friends (even though, sometimes, I demand it from them. haha), and the great adventures that lie ahead.
Currently my favorite. We bought this in Shifen Old Street in Taiwan. I simply love its woodwork, the colors, and the details. :)
I can't wait to travel more and fill our fridge until there's no space left to put these little souvenirs anymore. But first, bili muna kami ng ref.

P.S. Tumatanggap din po ako ng travel fridge magnet for Valentine's, Araw ng Davao, Labor Day, Birthday, Bonifacio Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and more. Or pwede rin yung ref na mismo. Or kahit round trip tickets na lang po to any destination. Thank you in advance!

Update: A day after posting this, I received two from a friend. And I got one from a neighbor three days later (that’s today). And there are three more coming. I didn’t share this on facebook and I didn't know you, guys, read my blog. I appreciate it. Really. Thank you so much for the magnets! Hmm... I think I should post something like this frequently to keep 'em coming. Haha! ^_^


  1. panghatag pud magnet te pagikaw man mag lagawlagaw.

    1. Kinsa ni? I give to anyone who asks na close friend nako. Haha :)

  2. I used to collect angel/cherub figurines because they're so cute but they just end up gathering dust and dirt. I'm collecting starbucks mugs BTW.

    1. I know a friend who collects Starbucks mugs too, she got it from traveling. It actually looks nice but takes up a lot of space. Our future home does not have that much space for more than a hundred mugs. Haha