Thursday, April 19, 2018

I'm a Terrier

How many hair disasters will it take for me to stop messing with my hair?
This is Bogart. She's a terrier mix. And yes, Bogart's a she. Her hair is all over and it covers her eyes. If her hooman, Jan, does not cut the hair around her eyes, she cannot see. Or at least, that's what we think.

This is me. I got bored and decided to chop my hair off AGAIN. But this time, I cut it way too short that my bangs are now covering my eyes like Bogart’s. Except, she's cute while I, on the other hand, look like that emo wannabe who sports fake Chucks and cheap eyeliners. (It does look like I've an eyeliner in that pic though)

It was really a disaster and I could not risk cutting it shorter. Well, if I did, I don't mind shaving it all off. DIY haircuts do not always turn out the same way you see them on YouTube (I should know. Did this a hundred times already). I had to rush to the nearest salon because I look like a shaggy dog. Paid 50 bucks to look human again. Had I been living in downtown area, a trim would already cost 200 bucks. Too steep. And that’s the reason why I avoid hair salons at all cost.

I'm hoping that this cut will make people not underestimate my age (most titas I know have this kind of cut). Because I'm sick of pulling out my ID every time I had to go through something that has age restrictions - getting a tattoo or buying a liquor, for example (haha as if I do it on a daily basis). Or maybe I should also act my age. Be boring, pessimistic, and be bitter about the society's model of marriage and kids. Or at least, dress accordingly.

Anyway, back to my hair. How many hair disasters will it take for me to stop messing with my hair? Nada! I'll cut it anytime I want, as long as I want. Hair grows back anyway.

And perhaps later, I'll color it brown or something lighter.


  1. Hhahaha! Basta maganda kahit ano ang buhok bagay talaga.

  2. Looks good on you but you might be having a hard time dealing with non-minor activities, you look younger now.

  3. Nice! Bagay sarj. Gwapa gyapon.


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