Monday, May 7, 2018

A Dahilayan Escapade

Jan and I have been eyeing Dahilayan for a long time. But since we see transportation a potential problem (going to Bacolod or Cebu was easier), it always gets to the bottom of our must-visit list. But not until we had Bill.

Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon is by far our Jan's longest drive. Our road trip destinations are going farther and farther and I guess, sooner or later, we'll find ourselves driving to Camiguin, Dapitan or even as far as Visayas! Or not.

Maybe not.

Here's one thing travelers never tell you about traveling: It is stressful. I won't lie to you about the frustrations of long queues, delayed flights, or butt-numbing rides. I won't lie to you about being pressed for time that you would try to squeeze as many activities and places in a day, you will only end up with sore muscles and empty pockets. And I won't lie to you about the emotional whirlwind you have to go through when reality will slap you in the face to remind you about the bills you have to pay and the job you have to go back because whether you like it or not, you have to pack your things and say goodbye to that island life you had for three days.

But, everything else feels surreal. And I am certain, that's what motivates us to travel far and wide no matter how stressful it gets.

Lately, our travels have become slow, relaxed pace. No itineraries. No plans. No pressure. We spent three days and two nights in Dahilayan unlike the usual day tour or overnight stay, and I would say it was definitely a breeze.

Here's a warning that I bet might be too late because your browser may have loaded everything: photos overload! (I drained your data, sorry not sorry)

We stayed in a nice and really cozy room (no photos, sorry). We're not able to use the air-con because it was already cold the entire night. I'd shave off my head in a heartbeat just to wake up to this every day.
Had our breakfasts at the Grizzly Bar. Love their tapa! I think for 2 days, my breakfast was always their tapa with my own timplang suka (white vinegar + tabasco sauce)
Played mini-golf. Made a hole-in-one.
Jan made hole-in-one, THRICE!
We played billiards. Not sure what happened here. But I assure you, I was really good at this in college. I could compete and win. But this time? Meh. Haha.
We strolled around and took photos
Strolled some more.
Rode the Python
Had a short-lived fun dahil sooobrang bitin! haha
Php 300/head, still worth it.
First buggy experience.
Paid Php 1,200, was not disappointed. (Please note that weight limit for each buggy ride is only 110kg. Ang sexy namin! Saktong-sakto lang kami. Haha)
Look who's obviously having fun. According to Jan this photo should be captioned: how not to wear a helmet. Haha. Sorry na gud.
Drop Zone! One that I've always wanted to do.
120 ft. free fall. Php 500 for less than 2 minutes of flying. That mini-heart attack? Priceless.
I'm flying!
I'm really flying!
I've done it! Love this shirt.
Great shots like this...
...had to go through this. Haha. The behind the scenes are usually the funniest ones.
As always, sunsets never fail to amaze me. And watching it is the perfect way to cap off our day.
On our way home. Back to reality na. Sigh.
We skipped the activities and rides we tried in other cities/countries before. In between, we had moments not captured by the camera. And I would say they were the prettiest and most lit moments we had during that trip. We also had our workaholic moments and the frustrations of having a slow internet connection. And wasted moments of arguing who's getting off the bed first or deciding what to eat for dinner. Kung nakakain lang ang "kahit ano", busog na busog na kami. Haha. Overall, this trip was truly fun-filled and exciting. We went home with a heart that is overflowing with memories.


  1. wonderful...
    the time happily spend together with the spouse no matter where makes all the difference .. and you guys seem to be enjoying in a lovely place

  2. How much entrance sa dahilayan?

    1. I think this is how I will fail you as a blogger. I’m sorry but I honestly do not know how much since our entrance fees are waived when we checked in the resort hotel.


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