Breaking Norms

By Sarah Aterrado - August 05, 2018

I started to purge my closet and got rid of the clothes I no longer wear. Most of my clothes are ukay-ukay, so I have this bad habit of buying anything since it's really cheap because I know I won't feel bad about it even if it's something I probably wouldn't wear. I sorted them according to frequency of use and unsurpsingly, I got more clothes I have not worn and don't remember at all.

Most of them are chic, really.

I have not worn my classic closet staples lately and I have no plans of wearing them unless necessary. I thought of just tossing them in the box with the intention of donating it (my clothes are not shabby, I promise) for a total wardrobe change.

My role as a Vice President of Davao's premier blogging community will be interacting with PR managers and probably big names from known brands. My usual jeans and shirt would be too underwhelming. And I hate to think that I might sell myself short just because I have not made an effort to look, if not impressive, at least presentable. Bad impressions have higher chances of breaking deals, you know.

Last Thursday, I did the unthinkable.

I went out to catch up with my college buddies wearing a cropped top in public for the first time (midriffs during cheerdance performances are not counted). Not that I'm saying I'll be wearing such when facing brands and managers because that's not gonna happen. But what I'm trying to say is, I upped my style recently.

I would be lying if I say I got the hang of it immediately because it felt a little awkward at the start. I actually brought a cardigan with me in case I come to my senses and realize the blunder.

But as I stepped out of the car, I left the cardigan, strutted towards the coffee shop with what felt like a giant flashing neon sign on my belly that reads: look here! And started not to care about what people think. I've never felt so FREE.
Sarah, Farah of, and Dianne
Yep, this is honestly a shocking news to everyone. Haha

Of course, while some compliment me for the change - a drastic one at that - some just couldn't handle my fire. Haha. You're too old for that! they say. Wear something decent! they judge. Well, as long as I'm not offending anybody, I will rock whatever clothes I want to wear. What other people think about me is none of my business. Kung naiitiman sila sa legs ko o napapangitan sila sa katawan ko o kung di bagay ang damit ko, problema na nila yun.

Look! Even my mom noticed the transformation, she got me these. Prayers were answered. Her daughter is finally a girl.

This is me now.

Sarah, 33. Fashionista wannabe. Expressive. Unapologetic.

P.S. You might see me wearing dresses more often but I will still be that badass mountain climbing, muay thai-ing chic you don't want to mess with.

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  1. I love it! I love wearing crop tops too pero pang entry level lang. Kapag nasimulan mo na magmix n match mas lalong dadami ang damit mo kasali shoes and bags mo.

    1. I actually have a lot of shoes already. Pero iilan lang yung girly. Haha. Bags, I think I have fair few, mostly pang hiking. Haha

  2. Does it not bother you that your boyfriend allows you to wear slutty clothes?

    1. It's simple, my boyfriend does not own me. While he can express concerns (if any), I still do things my way as long as it doesn't harm anyone. And second, if this is slutty to you, then I guess, I really was a college slut. I wore midriffs and miniskirts all through out my college life before jumpsuits took over the cheerdance scene. Haha.

    2. Sexy but not slutty. Gaya ng sinabi mo some people can't handle your fire.

    3. Kung may dapat maging bitter ako yun kasi g sexy mo Sarah! But what's not to love about you and your blog? I love the new you keep it up. Sana your start talking about makeups too.

    4. Chill guys. Walang dapat bitter dito. :) And regarding makeups, ummm, I think I should learn how to apply lipsticks first without smudging it all over. Haha

  3. Love the new you! More reason to love this blog...

  4. I love your confidence, sar! Bitaw, we shouldn't let other people dictate kung unsa atong suoton oi.