New Favorite!

I do not have a sweet tooth. And that basically means, when it comes to desserts and sweet treats, I am too hard to please.

While everybody drools at the sight of a cake or a doughnut, I have this uncanny ability to shrug off or worse, refuse sweets. Yeah, sue me. This puts people in panic mode like it's a crime not to like sweets or something, and with unbelieving eyes, they ask, "are you on a diet?!"

Oh boy, if that slice of chocolate cake were 2 pounds of crabs or bacon, I'd eat the sh*t out of it.

It's not that I do not eat sweets.  I have few favorites as a matter of fact. It's just that, I have uncommon preferences. I want something that's dominantly bitter or sour - if that still counts as sweet. And usually, these are special & limited edition, seasonal, locally unavailable (like Boracay's triple strawberry crepe. sigh), and mostly, expensive.

Today, we have a new doughnut in town.

Krispy Kreme, together with Malagos Chocolate, brings us a whole new level of chocolate experience with Dark Chocolate Glitz! This newest addition to the premium doughnut collection is exclusively available in Krispy Kreme Davao stores for only Php 49 each.

That’s good news for DavaoeƱos, especially for dark chocolate-lovin' people like me. But I really hope this doughnut is not exclusive for the Kadayawan Festival only because it's going to break my heart far worse than watching the last episode of Brooklyn Nine-nine if these were gone before Cardo Dalisay dies. This is definitely a new favorite. I love that it's not too bitter and not too sweet. Just right.

I hate to say it, but I just devoured 3 pieces of these doughnuts in one sitting and I'm still craving for more. Well, there goes my fitness goals. If you see me writing about getting broke and being diagnosed with diabetes, blame it to this doughnut. Haaay stahp! How can one food make me happy and sad at the same time?


  1. Wish I can eat so many donuts and still have that body! You're so lucky girl!

    1. Pair it with exercise and you definitely can. ;)

  2. Lami bitaw sarj! Nagpapalit dayon si Ibyang pagkakita niya sa imong post sa fb. Gwapa ang model, effective imong ads. Hahaha.

    1. Haha regardless kinsa ang "model" mahalin jud na kay lami.